West Ham 2 - 4 United

Fabio Smalling Vidic Evra(Chicharito)
Valencia Park(Berbatov) Gibson Carrick Giggs

What a football game! Once again we were trailing by two goals before half time after conceding two penalties. The first penalty was a dead cert but the second wasn't a penalty. We were unfortunate on that part, however we were lucky Vidic wasn't sent off during the game. I was watching this game at a local pub and most United fans seemed to have given up. Not me though! During half time I told my girlfriend, who thinks United's manager is called Ferrari (at least she got the first 3 letters right), that we were going to win this game. She laughed at me so I recounted the games vs Tottenham a couple of seasons ago, the game vs Blackpool and the '99 final. 
Half Time. 2-0 Trailing. Down and Out? Fat Chance

Up until half time I honestly thought that we weren't doing that bad. West Ham scored two penalties but rarely troubled our goalie. Maybe this was one of the reasons why I still believed that United were going to win it. Our midfield did well today. Valencia had an excellent first half and Park did OK. Carrick had a good game... it's been a while since I've written so! Gibson must have forgotten his scoring boots at home but he broke up a lot of West Ham attacks. Giggsy had an OK first half but excelled when he was put in the left-back position during the second. He did a lot of overlapping and assisted Chico for our 4th goal. 

Both Evra and Vidic were disappointing today but Smalling gave us more reasons to feel confident in him by putting in another good performance. Fabio did what he had to do and earned us a penalty. At the front, Rooney was too isolated during the first half but got a hat trick in a matter of 15 minutes during the second half when he had Chicarito and Berbatov helping him. So, in my opinion, Fergie got his tactics wrong today but still managed to turn the game around with a couple of good substitutions and a change of formation.

Rooney's Curler was a Beauty
My man of the match has got to be Rooney. When he's not scoring the media criticises him and now that he's scored three, the Mirror claimed that Berbatov inspired United. Everybody played his part but it was Rooney's day today with two magnificent goals and a well taken penalty. It's been a while since we had last celebrated a goal from a free-kick!

2 nil trailing up until half time and we still won...."football, BLOODY HELL!!"


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