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United 2 - 1 Liverpool

Now that was a good game, probably the best Man Utd vs. Liverpool match in quite some time. I was pleasantly surprised by how United started the game, looking to attack Liverpool. Given the scousers' attacking prowess, I thought our players would be set to defend from the off and catch Liverpool on the counter - just like we did at Anfield. However, the approach was really positive and our players looked determined and pumped for the big game and they certainly didn't disappoint me today. 
Liverpool were nowhere to be seen during the first half. I thought United were excellent. Rashford scored a brilliant goal that put us in front and doubled the score a few minutes later. The lad looked ecstatic to be back in the starting XI and on the scoresheet and I am ever so pleased for him. Lukaku had a say in both goals and I liked his involvement today. He was a bit out of the game during the second half but that's hardly his fault. Well done to both. 
Our defence was excellent, …

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