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Sevilla 0 - 0 United

Wow. What a drab game. Seville is far from the greatest Spanish team I've ever seen but we looked almost scared to attack them. Yes, we were playing away from home and the atmosphere must've been testing for our players, but I expect better. Why fear Seville? I absolutely don't agree with people saying that we were in control. We weren't. Seville were very close to scoring and we must count ourselves lucky we've got the best goalkeeper in the world guarding our goal. We were also lucky that Seville made the wrong decisions in the final third. So the reason why we drew is not really because we were in control of the game. 
Much ado was made before the game as a fit Paul Pogba wasn't starting. I agree with the fuss made. What's Mourinho playing at? If Pogba's been dropped after a couple of bad performances, then why hasn't Matic, who's been off-form (despite having a good game tonight) for weeks, been dropped? And what has Herrera done to deserve…

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