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Huddersfield 2 - 1 United

We didn't expect that, did we? Our performances have been somewhat subdued ever since Pogba's injury so we can't say that we couldn't see a defeat coming. I expected our first defeat of the season to be against one of the bigger teams though, definitely not against Huddersfield. Perhaps against Liverpool last week or Tottenham this Saturday. Not in a million years would I have expected such a performance against this team. 
There are two types of defeat; one in which you've given your absolute best but couldn't get past an inspired keeper. The other being a defeat when your players look uninspired and spineless. Our defeat today was a lot of the latter. In this game I didn't see any fight in our players. Did we really trouble Huddersfield's keeper before we scored? No. A lot of fuss has been made about the mistakes by Mata and Lindelof and rightly so. However, our players had enough time to react, to give us reasons to believe that they're capable …

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