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Another update!

Last time I posted here I said that I'll be back posting after every game but I've kept away from this blog for a whole month now. It's crazy how busy I've gotten lately and since my job is mostly pc-based, I try to spend my free time away from my PC...hence the lack of posting. I'm back here sitting in front of my monitor after another United game. 
Since my post on the 15th of April, United have beaten Arsenal (2-1 - Pogba, Fellaini), Bournemouth, (2-0 - Smalling, Lukaku), and Watford (1-0 - Rashford) in the Premier League, lost to Brighton (0-1), drawn vs West Ham(0-0) and progressed to the final of the FA Cup after defeating Tottenham (2-1 - Sanchez, Herrera). With, maybe, the exception of the game vs. Tottenham, the football played was never really exciting but we're used to that now. 
It's no secret that I really hate the football that we play under Mourinho. Now, please don't start comparing it with the football we played under Moyes and LVG - t…

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