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United 0 - 1 WBA

Well, what the fuck was that? It's not something you expect after the highs of last Saturday's second half performance vs. the best side in the league. To go down to the side at the bottom of the league just shows why were so far away from actually competing for the title. In my opinion, title race was over before Christmas. Since then I obviously still hoped that City would eventually have a blip in form but deep down I knew that they're just too good for that. 
I just can't understand our team. They can make you dream on one day and send you crashing a few days later. Pogba said that he just didn't want to see City win the league last week so he and the boys put in the extra effort to beat them. Why on earth isn't that attitude there every week then? They'll still see City lift the trophy next week, the joint-earliest a team has every won the title - and it's because on days like today the attitude of our players stank. The way they played was almost…

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