Man City 1 - 0 Man Utd

The Line Up:
Brown Rio Vidic Evra
Nani Scholes Carrick Giggs
As the saying goes, Same S**t Different Day. United attacked continuously yet couldn't score, just like the previous 2 matches. Nani could have scored, Scholes could have scored and Tevez SHOULD have scored but no one did and thus we lay stranded somewhere in the bottom half of the premiership table.

United started the match quite well, the players were determined to defeat City's players. Attack after attack, shot after shot, Schmeichel saving most of them with the rest ending as a souvenier to the spectators behind the goal. United should have been given a penalty but I think the referee's mind was thinking about Global Warming instead of the match. Van Der Sar was virtually a spectator but we failed to make our superiority count and indeed we were punished for this. Geovanni grabbed the ball and somehow managed to score from a notable distance. It was a great goal, hands down, but what frustrates me most is that this was City's only shot on target during the first half.

The second half followed and yet again United attacked relentlessly but couldn't score. Micah Richards was in a magical form, and kept Tevez out of the game. And when Tevez was given a bit of space, he messed things up, if you want to see a mess up, watch the replay of him missing the target from a couple of cm's away from goal. Incredible simply jaw-dropping! I don't recall a decent shot on target by City, United dominated but couldn't score, credit to a great City defence, and City's keeper, who justifies the 'Like Father, Like Son' saying[He is Peter Schmeichel's son]. The only up from this match is that Hargreaves played and he was in my opinion the best player in a United shirt.
Another 3 points dropped, is this a horrible dream? Seeing United near the bottom of the table while City lay at the top. It's not, it's reality and something should be done if Ferguson really wants to win another premiership title. It really hurts to see United in this state, nearest to the bottom place than to the top. Our attack is in shambles, and to justify our pathetic attacking options, Frazier Campbell made his debut in the final 15 mins of the game, a time when we needed a proven attacker and not an inexperienced one. But we have no proven fit attackers left at the club except for Campbell and Dong Fansomething, since Ferguson decided to sell both Smith and Rossi and keep Saha. Mind you, Saha does his job whenever he plays, but he's always out injured. United are playing well in every department except in the attack and something should be done, it's better late than never, since the transfer window is still open, why doesn't Fergie buy a decent cheap attacker who could score and fill the emptiness left by Rooney? We'll wait and see, until then I will just pray United win their next match, otherwise we would have to admit that winning the league is virtually impossible especially if our rivals keep winning. Our next game is against Tottenham, I believe we could win the match, Tottenham didn't impress me at all, although they won their last match, but against a modest team like Derby so I expect a win, we'll just wait and see.

Over And Out.

N.B Player Ratings : VDS - 5, Brown - 6, Ferdinand - 6, Vidic - 6, Evra - 6, Hargreaves - 7, Carrick - 5, Scholes - 7, Giggs- 5, Nani - 6, Tevez - 5. ( Subs O Shea -5, Campbell -4, Eagles -6)


GG said…
Are we fighting to be champions or fighting not to be relegated.

GG utd
Stevie Red said…
Mr GG[Utd], its just a bad start, im sure we'll get back on track...I agree with oliver that we need a striker urgently...
karan said…
as far as da player ratings go..hargreaves was defo one of our better players..n so was nani..y bring him off wen hes doin sooo well..!?!?!?looks like giggs needs a break..he was lookin really off pace..scholes looked his usual self...never gave da bal away..shud hv scored..our defence was fine except one lapse..tevez playd wel..jus din score..dats da main thing isnt it..other den fergie said a good but wasteful perfomance..cmon guys don lose heart..stil a lot of time..once a red always a red..!!! go united..!!!
Oliver said…
Yeah Karan,
Scholes is back to his best after the game vs reading and hargreaves played quite well, he's a great buy. I just can't beleive how things can change for a person, first he was England's most hated player and was constantly booed, know he's refered to as a hero after his performances in Germany '06. Now Lampard is the most hated person in the england squad...class
I usually go to watch football at a bar in Marsalforn with some friends. And after this match they were complaining and saying that they won't watch united anymore coz they are making them sick. As far as im concerned REAL United supporters will always stay behind the team even during difficult times coz once a red always a red. We will never die. Well united won't but i will sometime hehe.
karan said…
all those who say dat are bloody losers..neways talkin abt da footbal side of things..hope no1 gets injured on intl duty..gr8 if OH doesn play..worried abt rio n ronnie..!! jus hate these intl man dat too frndlies..!! doesn make sense..
team for totenham(jus a reminder..i hvnt got a team wrong so
brown rio vida evra

scholes OH carrick
giggs nani
drvynum said…
Thats what its called luck my friend.But still just one complain i have for Ferguson.When we have world's best wingers to cross why can't we dare to have a tall striker or atleast a striker with good heading ability.Hey i am too new like you.Can you just share a comment on my blog.It would great for me and by the way if you need to link your blog just tell me.:D
GG said…
hey im noit saying that i will not watch united anymore but i will not watch them at that particular bar in Marsalforn. the staff are great but that is just a bad luck!!

GG (utd)
Oliver said…
lol GG mhux alik qed najd, as sur Borg ax ek qal
GG said…
is sur borg min hu?

GG (utd)
Lucas said…
i think Campbell shd be given a chance upfront until Saha is back. we cant play 4-5-1...we will struggle!
GG said…
yeah i agree with lucas someone should be given chance upfront we will struggle surely even if we paly against poor sides. G. rossi was ideal for this situation.

Joe said…
It is reported that United are after Martins, if this is true, its great news coz martins is a natural attacker, he's fast and could head. Hope Newcastle let him go at least on loan... we will see.
GG said…
oh that will seem great but its difficult to let him go on loan!!
Joe said…
But when there is money, there's a way :D hehe
GG said…
yeah i know that when there is money there is a way. but when he is scoring beautiful goals, like the previuos one he scored there isnt any way. and it depends from the player. i thin SAF made the whole mistake..

and what about heinze transfer to real madrid!!
Joe said…
We'll see, if martins arrives then great news. About heinze, well fuck him he's the modern day judas, why on earth did he want to go to liverpool???
hope he rots in the real madrid team
Michael said…
Lol well said joe
GG said…
ok i agree he is a judas, but in his first season he did well at united. if i see him playing i will neither boo him nor cheer him.

by the way on unted official websote sam allardyce said that martins is going nowhere.

so the problem still persists.

maybe gudjohensen could be the one!!!
Anonymous said…
as long as we bring a forward who could head and score, then its ok
GG said…
but the problem is who this striker will be?

we already bought tevez but he hasnt done something special!
Joe said…
we'll just wait and see GG[Utd], we'll just wait and see.
karan said…
u say tevez hasnt done nethin many matches has he playd..2..precisely..he isnt matchfit..doesn hv a partner to all alone up front..giggs nearly playin wit the mids..wat u talkin abt..giv him time..every week hes up against 2 huge cbs..even then he showed his class in da port match..pls don make such stupid statements..jus giv him time..its almost as if ur givin up on him already..
GG said…
no i am not giving him up but i blame SAF for no one on helping him up front.

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