Newcastle 0 - 0 United

I didn't watch this game because I was camping with my friends on Comino. Just a little information for the foreigners who bother read my blog. Comino is a small island near Malta and Gozo. There are about 2 houses on it and a hotel. As far as I know, there are 3 permanent inhabitants. An influx of tourists during June, July, August and September means that the island is quite busy during the summer months but during the other seasons it is a haven of tranquility.

The only place where I could have watched yesterday's game was at the hotel. However, I only got to know that the hotel wasn't airing the game when I was in Comino so I had to endure 90 long minutes waiting for my sister, who was watching the game, to send me SMS updates. It was the first game I missed this season and I learned that following a United game through message updates is one heck of a frustrating experience.

I have just returned home and watched yesterday's highlights. Giggs missed a sitter and the ref could have easily given us a penalty. It's been 180 minutes since we last scored a goal so we need to find a our scoring touch again to avoid messing up another promising season.

Come on UNITED! 


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