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Friday, December 26, 2014

United 3 - 1 Newcastle

Jones McNair Evans
Valencia(Rafael) Carrick(Fletcher) Mata Rooney Young
Falcao(Wilson) RVP

That was a solid display that turned sluggish as soon as Newcastle were dead and buried and Carrick stepped off the field of play on the hour mark. Although Newcastle had a chance or two early in the first 10 minutes, we completely took over from then on and, during the first half, played some of the best football this season. Our players looked composed and comfortable even when put under pressure. 

However, one of our defenders didn't impress me today. Jones was dribbled past one time too many and his challenge that led to Newcastle's penalty was stupid. He did make some decent interceptions but some of his mistakes would have been severely punished if we were facing mightier opposition. On the other hand, I thought both McNair and Evans did OK when tested.

Our midfield was excellent today. Mata and Rooney were undoubtedly our best players. Both of them were involved in our first two goals while the latter also notched another assist after his immaculate pinpoint cross was headed home by Robin van Persie. Rooney was obviously my man of the match. His scholesesque cross-field balls were a joy to see and he took his goals very well. Fergie said that Rooney will get goals no matter what position he plays in and he's proving that at the moment. He played in midfield today and got a brace. We've missed a goalscoring midfielder in the past few seasons, we've now got that in Rooney and Mata. Well done to both! 

The wings had a good day as well. Young was particularly impressive as he beat his man for fun and also delivered some excellent crosses into the box. He has improved drastically this season. Shaw will have to work hard to get Young's place as soon as the former Southampton boy recovers from his injury. Falcao worked really hard and had a say in our first two goals. He assisted Rooney for our first and won the ball that led to our second. I can see an improvement in his overall play. It's a pity he didn't connect well to one of Young's crosses, our Colombian could have easily scored there. RVP continued his goalscoring run and scored his 5th goal this month, his 8th overall. Quite good that. 

Unfortunately our subs didn't impress. Wilson failed to get into the game even though he was given half an hour to do so. Fletcher was also quite poor and we became average as soon as he replaced Carrick. It was good to see Rafael return but he'll obviously need more game time before he can get Valencia off the starting line-up. 

That was a good win, which was expected. We'll need a similar performance in two days time against Tottenham. We've drawn at White Hart Lane in the past two seasons, let's hope we can get a win this time. Come on United!

How's this for a fact?
United have won all 6 games that Paddy McNair has started - West Ham, Everton, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Southampton & Newcastle.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Newcastle 0 - 4 United

Again, I missed United's match today because I had a league game with my local football team. That's the second match I missed this season...United scored four in both matches. Perhaps that was the problem with United this season, Moyes is not the problem, I am. I think I should give Wednesday's game a miss, maybe United would put four past Bayern! Wishful thinking. 

There's not much I can say except that all four goals were well worked out. Mata scored two and brilliantly assisted Januzaj, it's a shame the Spainiard is ineligible for our game vs Bayern. He looks like he's finally bedding in our team and we could do with his passes vs the Germans. What's very worrying is Rooney's absence today. Moyes said that he's got a toe injury. To be honest, I don't really believe our manager 100%. I think he was rested today and Moyes played some kind of mind game before Wednesday's game. Regardless of the mind game played, Bayern will still have a plan for United side with Roo in it, so it won't really affect them. Anyway, I hope Roo's not really injured and if he is, then we're in trouble. Roo is the heart of our football team. 

My thoughst on Wednesday's game? I don't think we'll go trough, Bayern are too good a side. However, it doesn't hurt to dream so come on United, give us something to shout about!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Games vs Everton and Newcastle

So, as you might be aware, I was at Old Trafford for United’s games vs Everton and Newcastle. I’ve seen four United games before and never witnessed a loss. So it was a whole new experience for me. Despite going through a torrid spell, I thought we were quite capable of beating the Geordies and the blue Scousers at Old Trafford so, if I’m honest, I expected wins.  The wins did not materialize and I came back to Malta having seen United lose twice and score none.

So, for all those re-thinking visiting Old Trafford in fear of seeing United lose, is a trip to Old Trafford, at this present time, worth the money spent?  Hell yes, it is. You’ve got to make the most of it. Matchday isn’t all about going to the stadium, sit on your arse and eat a ridiculously priced meat pie. There’s obviously little fun in that.  Visiting a bar where a lot of red faithful gather is something I would recommend. There are a couple of renowned bars a stone’s throw away from Old Trafford. Sam Platts and the Bishops Blaize are two bars loaded with match-going reds singing their hearts out before games. I’ve never been to the former, to be honest, my friends and I love the bishops blaize and since my visits to OT are limited to just once every year, I prefer to go to the place where I’m sure I will be having fun. The Bishops Blaize has been tried and tested from my part and I’m not really a fan of trying new things. It’s always Capriciosa whenever I go to a pizza shop, sweet & sour pork if I’m at a Chinese restaurant and carbonara if I fancy a bit of pasta.....anyway, you should get what I'm trying to say.

We went to the Bishops Blaize at 4pm before the game vs Everton and as early as 9am for the game vs Newcastle. That’s a full four hours before kick-off and, believe me, it’s bloody worth it. The chanting takes a bit to kick off, as you’d imagine. But as soon as the effect of alcohol kicks in, you’ll have a whole house chanting and having fun. Obviously, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer to go to the stadium and just watch the football. But, if you’re at Old Trafford just to see the footy, then you’re really missing out. First and foremost, I’m a firm believer that the stadium isn’t exactly the optimal place to watch a game of football. Why? Well, basically, the best seats are always taken. For me, getting a seat where I’m neither up in heavens nor as close to the players as possible is almost impossible. If your eyesight is half as poor as mine, you won’t be able to see the ball if you’re in row Z of the Stretford end and if you’re too close, well, you won’t be able to see what’s happening on the other side. In fact, I didn’t know Roo hit the post vs Everton and that we had a good penalty call ruled out by the ref vs Newcastle.

So what’s so special about being at Old Trafford? The atmosphere, obviously.  During both matches, the Stretford end was always on its feet, singing and backing Moyes and the boys. Some people on the internet should learn a thing or two from these match-goers. Our players were poor, however, at the end of both games, the Stretford end sang “We love United”. And why not? We really do love United. Loving United is not conditional to just the good times. Those who are now jumping ship were just there for the glory. To be honest, I'd be happy to see the back of these people. That would drive ticket prices down and going to Old Trafford would become more affordable. Who knows, maybe my budget wouldn't limit me to just that sole yearly visit.

I just love the whole package of match day; the chanting, the drinking, the obscure amount of fast food and the atmosphere inside the stadium. I’m aching to go back there because win, lose or draw, I love every minute of it. Come on United! 


Oh yeah, as soon as we left Manchester our beloved reds returned to winning ways as Jones scored a good volley to secure first place in the group stages of the Champions League. Well played boys! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

United 4 - 3 Newcastle

Smalling Rio Evans Evra
Valencia Carrick Scholes(Cleverley) Giggs
Chicharito(Fletcher) RVP

The harm these performances are doing to my health is probably huge. However, there's no denying that winning games in such a way leaves the sweetest of after tastes. It has become inevitable. You score, we hit you back....and then sucker punch you at the death. United trailed the barcoded United THREE times during the game. Still, we managed to win the game. Oh it feels so great supporting Alex's men! 

Chicha Scored Another Winner
BUT this was a very very weak performance. Sir Alex would be, in my eyes, the man responsible had the catastrophe of getting beaten by Newcastle at home happened. Why on earth were Giggs and Scholes both in the starting XI?! While I admit that Scholes' passes are still brilliant, I just don't think that they should be both on the same pitch at the same time. Our midfield was all over the place until Cleverley replaced Scholesy. And guess what? We looked miles better with young Tom at the heart of our midfield. He hackled down Newcastle's players and that left space for Carrick to spray the passes. Carrick's pass that lead to the winner was world class. Absolutely brilliant.

He Scores Goals Galore, Johnny Evans
Evans and Evra, again, found the back of the net against Newcastle. These two are scoring for fun. Unfortunately, Evans made an own goal minutes after scoring at the other end and that looked like it destroyed his confidence for the afternoon. With the exception of Evra, I don't think any of our back four had a good game today. The 3 goals conceded are a testament to that. I'm not sure what's wrong but we're conceding tooooo many goals.

At the other end, our strikers had a decent game. RVP scored his 16th of the season while Chicharito scored the winner after missing a couple of very good chances. That's what strikers do, so I'm not complaining. With respect to the wingmen, I know I've slated Giggsy but I actually think he had a better game than Valencia. Still, Giggs and Scholes on the same pitch at the same time should never ever happen again. Unless we win the League in April with a handful of matches to spare, that is. 

Am I delighted after the win? Yes, I am. Loved the manner of the win? Yep! Worried about our defending? Definitely, but we're getting the points and as long as that happens, I won't be complaining. 7 points clear as City slip yet again. Oh wonderful Christmas time! 

  • 24 of Man Utd's 46 league points this season (52%) have come in games in which we've trailed.
  • Robin van Persie has now scored 61 goals in his last 74 Premier League appearances.
  • No defender has scored more Premier League goals than Patrice Evra this season.
  • Before 2012-13 Man Utd had only scored 7 own goals at Old Trafford in 20 PL campaigns. This season we have 4 already. 
  • Jonny Evans is the 3rd player (after Rooney & Bale) to score at both ends in a PL game this season. Only happened twice in 11-12. 
  • Man Utd have now won 18 and lost just one of our last 21 Boxing Day fixtures and we have won the last nine in a row
  • Before today, Since the start of last season Man Utd have lost two of the six Premier League games that Giggs & Scholes have both started. That is 33.3%. Not a good record.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Newcastle 0 - 3 United

De Gea
Rafael Rio Evans Evra
Welbeck Cleverley Carrick Rooney(Scholes)
Kagawa (Valencia)

Good goal and a good performance by Johnny Evans
I expected this scoreline. However, I thought it'd be the other way round. I didn't feel confident at all going into this game, mainly because our defenders were having a torrid time lately. If we were going to score, I certainly didn't expect neither Evans nor Evra to be on the scoresheet. Further to that, seeing how shit we've been in corners, I definitely didn't expect our first two goals to be the result of two well taken corners. The most unlikely circumstances. If there was someone who played a tenner on Evans or Evra scoring, then he's one lucky sod. 

What ultimately won us the game was definitely Rooney playing in the middle of the park. Finally Fergie has realised that playing Giggsy in such matches is a no-no. Roo was excellent and he combined well with a very impressive Cleverley. The latter scored a peach of a goal, although if I'm honest, I think that was an overhit cross. If that goal was intentional, then fair play to him. I honestly don't give two flying fucks... as long as they go in. 

We've finally seen a very good Evra performance
I wasn't too impressed with RVP today. He looked agitated and was lucky not to get sent off. Welbeck had a good game but could have easily scored during the first half. Our weakest link lately has been our defense but they were excellent today. Every single one of them. Yes, that includes Evra. Rafael looks ten times the player he was last season while Rio and Evans barely put a foot wrong. Evra looked motivated. Apart from scoring a goal, he defended well against a very physical Newcastle side. More of the same PLEASE!

The only negative out of today's game was De Gea. When it comes to defending crosses, he's clueless and that's a tad worrying. I was quite surprised to see him starting the game as well. I knew Newcastle were going to target Ba and Cisse by crossing from the byline. Thankfully our Spaniard's rash decisions didn't cost us as we kept only our 2nd clean sheet in this year's PL. 

Regards Newcastle's 'goal', well I'm not sure what the rules say. If the rules say that the ball needs to be fully over the line, then it wasn't a goal. But I understand Newcastle's protests. That goal would have brought them back into the game. 

International break, then home to Stoke. Come on United!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

United 2 - 1 Newcastle

I couldn't watch the whole game because I was on a subs bench with my local football team in a Gozitan stadium. I did get to see the second half and I liked what I saw.

The passing in the midfield was a breath of fresh air, because it's been a while since I've seen United pass the ball with such ease. Cleverley and Anderson both scored very good goals and both played quite well in the middle of the park. Cleverley's goal was his first for United and, well, he looked ecstatic.

It was also good to Rooney back. Let's hope he rediscovers last year's excellent form. I'm also made up for Fletcher. He looked eager to play and it's good he got more minutes under his belt. His start was the first one in 10 months. Welcome back football genius! 

The youngsters at the back didn't do bad either.

We'll be meeting Chelsea in the next round of the League Cup. Shame we didn't draw an inferior side but anyway Fergie will still give a young gun or two to prove his worth against the Londoners.

Short post today but I'm really busy doing my school thesis. Until next time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Title Deciding Weekend Preview

I just woke up after a loooong night spent with books and notes. The exams are looming but there are plenty of diverging thoughts playing at the back of my head. Thoughts about the Premier League, of course.

Just under a month ago we were in the driving seat. Well, actually I thought that the title was ours. We had the momentum while City were dropping points for fun. Since then we threw away 8 points while City won against WBA, Wolves, Norwich and, of course, us.  Since that post I posted in March titled Man Utd run in vs Man City run in, I have to say I’ve been bang on with my predictions on City’s games. With the exception of their mauling of Norwich, I guessed that they would drop points vs Arsenal, Stoke and Swansea. I never really believed we were going to win at the Etihad. A draw, maybe, but definitely not a win. They’ve been too strong there.

On the other hand I’ve been pretty poor in predicting my own team’s results. I never ever thought that we’d lose vs Wigan and then squander further points vs Everton.  Football is a funny old game that often springs out that odd surprise and, unluckily, we’ve been the victims of football’s old tricks.

It all falls down to the final two games of the season now. We’ve got the task of beating a free-flowing-football-playing Swansea side and then we’ll have to face the daunting challenge of Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. On the other hand City will have to face QPR who, I think, will get a battering. That game could crown them champions of England but only if they win vs Newcastle United in this weekend’s top game.

Let's hope these two show up on Sunday
In Newcastle lie our only hopes of retaining the premier league crown. I’ve been saying all along that I expected City to drop points vs this Newcastle side. The Barcodes will have 50,000 fans spurring them on. At home Newcastle have been formidable. They’ve last been defeated at the Arena, or whatever it’s called now, in December during a very bad patch they had. Mind you that loss came vs WBA and that shows Newcastle’s unpredictability. They’ve lost 3-0 to Chelsea, 5-0 to Tottenham and 4-0 vs Wigan during this season so I’m not sure whether it’s smart to hope they’d be able to bring down City.

However, they have plenty to play for. Just like City. Their striker is in a rich vein of form and I’d expect him to trouble City’s defence who aren’t exactly what the media portrays them to be. It’s Kompany who makes their defence look good and, of course, their outstanding keeper. Lescott, Clichy and Zabaleta could be made to look ordinary, they’re no world beaters.

Anyhow I’d like to think that Newcastle can win or draw this game but my mind says that this game is too big a match for City to bottle. If they bottle it on Sunday then they’re not really made of Champions…yet. If they win, they’d earned the title. 

From the point of not having any guts whatsoever of watching the derby game, I hope I will be able to amass enough ‘courage’ and look on during this weekend’s big games.

So here’s to a game were City drop points. Here’s to Cisse bettering his goal tally. Here’s to Newcastle doing us a great big favour. From the usual BELIEVE bullshit most of us post during this stage of the season, we’ll have to resort to the word HOPE ……and despair. 

In 2005 this happened. Since then we have matched and overpowered Chelsea's Challenge
We’ll 'meet' again in 2 days’ time, when we’ll have a clear picture of where the title is going. To conclude, if City win on Sunday then the FA might as well start decorating the PL trophy with blue ribbons. If this happens I believe that it could take a year or two before Fergie could break City’s hold on the title. It’s our fight with Chelsea since their rise all over again.  

Numquam Moribimur 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Newcastle 3 - 0 United

Valencia Rio Jones Evra
Nani Carrick Park(Chicharito) Giggs
Rooney(Anderson) Berbatov(Welbeck)

Word-Class Goal by BA
So the start to 2012 turned out to be identical to the ending of 2011. 1-0 at half time, 2-0 just after the break and then a killer goal just before the final whistle. Last week we had the character to come back from 2 down but today we were totally outmuscled. Newcastle have got themselves two great players in Ba and Tiote. They might turn out to be one season wonders but their play today impressed me. On the other hand, we looked weak, tired and even disinterested at times. Maybe the "scary" flight our players endured yesterday had taken its toll. Anyhow, nothing can hide the fact that our players failed to turn up today. Our most influential players were as silent as the grave.   

Lindegaard didn't stand a chance in any of the goals. The first two were sublime strikes while the third one was a mishit by the usually irrepressible Jones. You know there's something wrong when Jones has a bad day. I'm not sure whether our players should be criticized for failing to put Newcastle under any real pressure or whether Newcastle's players should be praised for their perfect performance. Our central midfielders were simply brushed aside. We only had two decent shots, one was cleared off the line and the other hit the post. That pretty much summed up our night. 

An inform Berba could do little vs their strong defence
I'm pretty calm after this match and I was quite relaxed throughout it. Reason? I expected a tough game today. I would have put a tenner, a month ago, on us beating Blackburn comfortably and then dropping points today. The three points we lost on Saturday should have been won because we could - SHOULD - have played better against a team as mediocre as Blackburn. Meanwhile we all know that Newcastle are a tough nut to crack at St James Park, sorry, I mean The Sports something Arena. I believe in Fergie and rarely question his judgment but maybe we really do need to make some sort of acquisition during this transfer window. I know, I know, I was full of praise last week after the demolition of Wigan and Fulham, but losing vs Blackburn and losing today without putting in a fight has worried me. Man Utd never succumb without a real fight. 

City next. Winning vs City after back to back defeats would be sweet, losing our 3rd game in a row is almost unheard of. I cannot remember when such a thing happened but judging by the last two matches, a 3rd loss in a row is now highly possible. We'll never die. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

United 1 - 1 Newcastle

De Gea
Fabio(Smalling) Vidic Rio Evra(Macheda)
Nani Carrick Giggs Young
Chicharito Rooney

An Appalling Refereeing Decision Cost Us 2 Points
After a frustratingly abysmal first half, United upped the tempo and played much better during the second. However, the second period turned out to be equally as frustrating. Chicharito got his customary lucky goal and that's when I thought that luck was on our side. But in comes the spastic linesman, who must have gotten bored because Newcastle barely set foot in our territory during the second 45 minutes, and awarded Newcastle a penalty while I was still applauding Rio for an excellent tackle. 76,000 people thought it was a great sliding challenge from Rio, heck even Ben Arfa didn't look like he was asking for a penalty, but the linesman saw something which the world failed to see. Well done for fucking our day Mr Linesman. 

To add insult to injury everything that we sent towards Newcastle's goal was superbly saved by their keeper and then the post got in on the act and denied Ashley Young (who was poor today) a goal. Chicharito late on in the game had a good header cleared off the line by former red Simpson and the evening got even more pathetic as Chicharito scored what I thought was the winner...which was flagged offside. I'm not sure on that decision either. 

Evra did well against former red who was willing to impress
I believe in every single player we've got. If Fergie thinks they're good, then they are. We've seen Michael Carrick's situation. Our own fans keep getting on his back but Fergie keeps believing in him and he has been our best player in the last 3 games. However when players are due some criticism, then I'm willing to do that. Young, Chicharito and Nani were very poor today. I lost count of the amount of misplaced passes by the trio. Chicharito is very very good inside the box, but God he's so poor in build ups. His movement is excellent, but his passing and crossing? Appalling. Young and Nani were inexistent during the first half. In fact, while Nani had the ball during the final quarter of the first half, my friend asked "Oh, Nani is playing?" He never got involved in the game and don't get me wrong, I love Nani. I think he's a brilliant footballer but he's been well below par recently. If we intend to win the league, we need to have our wingers performing to their best and currently none of them is. 

I thought the stage was set for us to win the upcoming games and for City to slip up vs Liverpool and Chelsea. If City win tomorrow they'll be a good 7 points clear and they could be unreachable. Even with United's long history of coming back from the dead summed up to the history of City's ability to fuck things up and being the laughing stock of the world, I still think that they'll be very tough to overtake if they win tomorrow. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Newcastle 0 - 0 United

I didn't watch this game because I was camping with my friends on Comino. Just a little information for the foreigners who bother read my blog. Comino is a small island near Malta and Gozo. There are about 2 houses on it and a hotel. As far as I know, there are 3 permanent inhabitants. An influx of tourists during June, July, August and September means that the island is quite busy during the summer months but during the other seasons it is a haven of tranquility.

The only place where I could have watched yesterday's game was at the hotel. However, I only got to know that the hotel wasn't airing the game when I was in Comino so I had to endure 90 long minutes waiting for my sister, who was watching the game, to send me SMS updates. It was the first game I missed this season and I learned that following a United game through message updates is one heck of a frustrating experience.

I have just returned home and watched yesterday's highlights. Giggs missed a sitter and the ref could have easily given us a penalty. It's been 180 minutes since we last scored a goal so we need to find a our scoring touch again to avoid messing up another promising season.

Come on UNITED! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

United 3 - 0 Newcastle

O'Shea Evans Vidic Evra(Rafael)
Valencia Fletcher Scholes Nani(Giggs)
Rooney(Chicharito) Berbatov

It was a joy to watch United pass the ball around so comfortably, although, I must admit, that at times, especially during the first half, we gave away the ball cheaply. But the ease at which our players managed to circulate the ball around the field was simply brilliant at times. Scholes was his usual self, he showed us that he still can't tackle but then showed the United faithful that his passing skills are still there. The precision at which he delivers the ball must make any player, even passing masters Iniesta and Xavi, jealous. Unfortunately he's on the wrong side of the 30's :(

Berbatov was on target again and I'm pretty pleased about that. He had another good game and I guess this is the season during which we'll be able to enjoy the 30million pounds Fergie spent on him. Fletcher scored another and a beautiful volley from Giggsy completed the icing on the cake. Scholes provided the assist for the 1st and 3rd goals.

Overall I'm quite happy although there are some things that made me worry. 1st point is that Rooney does not look match fit. His passing is OK but his finishing is terrible at the moment. I expect him to regain fitness by the end of this month. He's a player who's capable of making or breaking our season. Another negative from this match is O'Shea at right-back. He didn't look comfortable at all and I don't think Fergie should trust him there! Next match is away to Fulham. It will definitely be a tough match but I hope United do what they failed to do during the past couple of seasons and beat the cottagers.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Newcastle 1 - 2 United

O'Shea Rio Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Fletcher Park
Rooney Berbatov(Giggs)

Everybody seems to be saying how lucky Man Utd are. I can’t understand why people make such statements! Yes, it’s true, Newcastle did give United an easy goal but so did we! Newcastle started the game on a high, they have surely upped their game for this match otherwise if they played like this week in week out, they wouldn’t be at the bottom end of the table. United who trailed the Barcodes for a couple of minutes scored through Rooney and Berbatov. Rooney’s goal was cracking. This was his 3rd Premier League goal in 3 appearances since his return from injury.

My men of the match were Park and Rooney. They both ran their socks off, Rooney scored one and created the other, Park crossed to Berba for the second goal. Newcastle should count themselves lucky because Taylor committed a disgraceful foul on Ronaldo yet the Ref only showed him a yellow card. By the way, Van Der Sar is human afterall! All those who watched the match know why I'm saying this.

Anyway, our 7 point lead is restored and we still have a game in head. Things are definitely looking promising! Next match vs Fulham FA Cup.

Monday, August 18, 2008

United 1 - 1 Newcastle

Van der Sar;
Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra;
Fletcher, Carrick (O’Shea 25), Scholes, Giggs (c) (Possebon, 63);
Rooney, Campbell (Rafael, 80).

So United started their title defence with a 1-1 stalemate. Newcastle's Martins headed in against the run of play after United went close to scoring on several occasions but only being denied by a brilliant and sometimes luck ridden Given. Newcastle's lead lasted only a couple of minutes though as Fletcher scored the equaliser. After this United barely threatened the Newcastle rearguard. The only positives from this game is the excellent reply to Newcastle's opening goal and the performances by Possebon and Rafael.

United fans shouldn't get too worried. Last year United opened the season with a 0-0 draw which was followed by another draw and a defeat, yet we managed to win the Premierleague. It is evident that this United side missed the likes of Tevez, Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves and of course Ronaldo. Meanwhile Carrick suffered an injury which will keep him sidelined for another 2 weeks! Now Fergie must have a real headache. Anyway, this match showed that United must buy a striker at all costs. I hope this is done before the Porthsmouth game in a week's time.

Until then, stop making a fuss about this draw. It's just the start of the season! It's true that Chelsea played a great game and showed they are potential champions, but writing United off this early is plain stupid.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Newcastle 1 - 5 United

I'm sorry since it took me a week to update this blog but I've been quite busy recently, mainly due to the fact that my Annual exams are looming large. So studying is the highest priority right now, but I'm still watching all Man Utd's games.
United played really well during this match and all players were up for Newcastle's challenge. It was a great attacking display from Man Utd and our class paid the dividents. Saha scored while Rooney and Ronaldo got a brace each. Rooney's second goal had class written all over it. Amazing.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

United 6 - 0 Newcastle

OShea Rio Vida Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Anderson Giggs
Tevez Rooney

6, is a magic number!... And United's performance was even more magical. During the first half United huffed and puffed but Newcastle's defence somehow kept the scoreline 0-0. But it was in the second half when goals began to flood in. Ronaldo scored his first Hat-Trick in a United shirt, Tevez got a brace while Ferdinand scored a goal which makes you wonder, is he really just a defender?

All goals were beautifully built especially the 3rd goal, when Carrick played into Rooney, whose clever touch gave Tevez space, and from his slide-rule pass Ronaldo shot up on the overlap to provide the perfect finish. Then there was another stunner, Ferdinand made it four from Rooney's majestic pass. Given time and space Rooney weighed up the angles and played a glorious pass into Ferdinand - who slotted in brilliantly. Pure Class. It was a game which I wished had no ending.
The defence was brilliant, the midfield was perfect especially Carrick, and the attackers worked tirelessly and eventually got their rewards although Rooney could have been happier had he scored a goal or two. Given made some great saves on Rooney. Full credit to him. Now we're on top of the league by a greater goal difference. Our next match is vs Reading, I beleive it will be a very difficult match but if United play like they did vs Newcastle, we would beat anyone let alone Reading. It will be difficult and although I hope we win, I've got a feeling we'll drop some points. Fingers crossed.
Ratings. VDS-8, O'Shea-7, Ferdinand-8, Vidic-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-9, Carrick-8, Anderson-7, Giggs-7, Tevez-9, Rooney-7. (Simpson-8, Fletcher-7, Nani-7)