United 0 - 1 City

O"Shea(Fabio) Ferdinand Vidic Evra
Valencia(Chicharito) Scholes(s/o) Carrick Nani
Park Berbatov(Anderson)

I'm really disappointed. I'm also livid because we let City get back in the game after destroying them in the first 30 minutes. 

Berbatov turned out to be the culprit today. He had two glorious chances in front of goal and missed both. I guess there's something wrong when Berbatov plays in an FA Cup semi final at Wembley. He missed a penalty 3(or was it 2?) years ago when Everton defeated us. However, I concede that players commit mistakes. Rooney has missed sitters, Giggsy missed a good opportunity on Tuesday and it was Berbatov's turn today to miss his chances. What is the most frustrating thing is the fact that these missed chances came back to haunt us. 

To add insult to injury, their goal was scored after two mistakes by VDS and Carrick. Therefore I think that their goal could have easily been avoided. With 20 minutes left to play, Scholes was justly sent off and that was it, United were never going to get back into the game against a well disciplined City side. I knew that if we were to win this game, we had to score first. Defensively City were really good.  

So there goes our dream of another Treble. To be honest I never expected us to achieve that amazing feat again but it was worth a try! City will probably win their first major trophy after a 35 year barren run and I guess it was inevitable really, given the millions they have spent. It must hurt to be a red living in Manchester in the coming weeks. However when we'll, hopefully, lift the Premier League trophy, this game will be forgotten. So COME ON UNITED!!!

p.s I'm off to Comino tomorrow for a 4 day camp so I won't be blogging after the Newcastle game. I'll be lucky if I get to watch it!



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