Yep United have done it again. We have been confirmed as the best team in England for the 17th time. One title to go and we reach Liverpool's record and loot their bragging rights.
At the start of the season I was really worried that United wouldn't make it this year. In the opening matches of the campaign United dropped some points and failed to play the football we got accustomed to in the previous season. I really thought this United team wasn't going to meet its expectations but I was dead wrong.

After that horrific spell, United won games in style. United only lost once, drawn once and won the remainder against a 'top-four' team i.e Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. That shows that we really are the best of the best. United could have won the title on goal average but in the end we won by a two point margin.

We must look at the present and I just can't contain my joy at winning the Premier League for the 10th time. It ain't fair giving all the credit to Ronaldo for driving us towards this title, the whole squad has done well so the credit goes to the WHOLE squad. We are no one-man team. Of course Ronaldo was inspirational this season and his form has certainly been fruitful to our club.

United deserved to win the title. Most of the matches United played have been exciting. United play that kind of football that leaves you on the edge of your seat. In my opinion whoever plays this kind of football deserves to be crowned champions.

Reasons to why United are Champions - Crushing sides at Old Trafford, Great Defence, Great Attackers, Great influence from the 'newboys' (i.e Hargreaves, Tevez, Anderson, Nani), Squad Depth, Experiece. (Reference made from

We are confirmed as the Champions of England again, but why don't we get some steps further and get the right to call ourselfs CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE? We are certainly capable so let's do it guys, bring the European cup back to Old Trafford. I'm not being too greedy, Am I?

Congratulations. Champions Of England.



[YeOp] said…
all the pictures look familiar. taken from man utd's website, right? hehehe.

Oliver said…
Yes of course, I wasn't at the ground to take pictures :P hehe

Glory Glory Man Utd INDEED!
Stevie Red said…
It was a tough ride, sometimes we looked as if we were gonna give in, but dude that's not United.

United is all about giving all of your energy and fighting for your pride. Thats United. That why we love United. We don't love United just because we always win.

Of course there are some who are glory hunters and support this massive team just for that, but guys like me and you know what it feels like to be a true supporter. Having an upset stomach prior to every match. Having a day from hell whenever they lose. Being over the moon whenever they win.

I love Man United. Period.
khairul said…
cool blog u have there
u r officially my epl source for the next 3 years lol
majagirl said…
Hello Oliver! Glad you like my site! You know I write in swedish, because my mother tongue is swedish - although I'm from Finland. Of course you don't understand it. But one hasn't even to speak the same language to be able to understand one another, if you only are interested in same kind of things. We obviously are. I love ManU, I really do. And why do I? Well, if you once have seen them play you get stuck. Now we - my family including my husband, my 9 year old footballer son and my two daughters - are ManUnited fans. Now and then we travel to Manchester to see our team at Old Trafford, we are fanclub-members etc. Well, it's strange, but it's nice.
We will follow United,
Over land and sea,
We will follow United,
On to victory.
Have a nice time, Maj-Len
King said…
"United is all about giving all of your energy and fighting for your pride. Thats United. That why we love United. We don't love United just because we always win." - stevie red

thats why I'm here, we're here, u're here!!!

Glory Glory Man Utd!!!
maya said…
looks like you're Manchester's number 1 fan :)
Oliver said…
Stevie Red, SPOT ON! What you said is all true!

-Clare- said…
my gosh.

you're one die hard fan, i thought i was one! haha.. SCARY!

anyway, yea.. good teams deserve the credits.
most of the time you dun hear/see this coming from other club's fans bcuz praising man u is just asking for trouble! lol.

well, we are gonna go for the trophy this time!! with torres!
we shall see, we shall see. =D

are u from msia as well?
-Clare- said…

that is what EVERY man u fan tells me.
'keep saying next season, next season, but never happens!'

in fact, i told one of my man u friend today and i just got back the exact reply from u! hahaha...

well, if we cant beat u now, someday we will. =)

oh. ur from europe? how on earth did u drop by in my blog? haha..
majagirl said…
Oliver, I will keep following your site, it's great. You'll help me to get the latest news, won't you? Keep up the good work!
George said…
Great Blog.

We are the Champions and we shall not be moved.

No you're not being too greedy, everyone expects United to become champs of Europe :)

C' Mon
allez said…
Yes, I'm a Man United fan. Yes, I love them so much.
And yes, I love when they are winning. That's fantastic.

Giggs was absolutely amazing ;) I think it's greatest ending of a season which I could imagine
Mohd Zulhilmi said…
great blog!
United is the best ever football club in the world
we will beat chelsea at moscow and win double this season
P said…
Cheers Oliver, great blog, fingers crossed for Moscow, c'mon you Reds :-)
Robin said…
Cheers to all Reds fans.

Moscow will be damn tough, especially with late Ron's issues. But heck, all results came from a team form and we will never been this close to claim another double silverware.

Come on Reds!
King said…
cant wait for the final!!!!
John said…
I’ve just published a Champions League Final preview. For your information, the article is from a friend of mine who is very much passionate Red Devil supporter.

So please check it out, perhaps a comment or two will be highly appreciated…
For me personally, I can’t wait for the match itself to start.

Just like the rest of you, I’m going to all out for the Devils. My prediction for the final is 2-1.

Goals from Ronaldo & Tevez.

Please also let me know your thoughts about the final and what is expectation from it…
Oliver said…
I cant wait for the final either!

I will check ur review john.

majagirl said…
Yippeee!! Finally we're there - the Day with a big D! /Maj-Len
Anonymous said…
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