My Experience in Manchester #2

Ever since last year's visit to Old Trafford I have stressed time and time again that I simply HAD to go back to OT sooner rather than later. Therefore I convinced 5 of my friends to come with me and booked a plane ticket to Manchester for the 26th of December. We spent 4 days in Manchester, spending most of our time shopping and hearing Glen's constant grumbling whenever we enter a shop. Manchester is a nice city, it is heaven for shopaholics(like my friend Aaron) and for football fans but, in my opinion, lacks that feel that London has(whatever it is).
Anyway we stayed in an apartment near the City Centre. I managed to take the Stadium tour for the first time since I missed it last year thanks to a darned tummy ache. The stadium tour is amazing, the guide(I forgot his name) was very informative and funny. Meanwhile I was very excited about the game vs Wigan which was looming large.

Before the game, my friends managed to get a glimpse of Bobby Charlton and some of the United players but I was busy wondering about at the City centre with Aaron. However, just a few minutes before the game started, I saw Rio Ferdinand :) Yep he was about 3m away from me :)

Now, somthing about the match. WOW! What a game! Unlike last year, I can proudly say that I witnessed, before my very eyes, entertainment of the highest class by the Champions of England. United played the best game of the season so far. The football was eye pleasing and the atmosphere at Old Trafford was electric. The constant chants "We all hate Leeds scum" are still ringing in my ears and so is "Feed the Scousers". The game was breathtaking, simply amazing. To be honest with you, I thought last year's game was a tad boring but this year's game was the extreme opposite. Rooney and Valencia were sublime. Valencia is confirming what a good buy he is while Rooney keeps showing the world his excellence.

Old Trafford, especially when United play so well, is the place to be. I'd give anything to re-live those 5 goals again, there, at OT. Just as I said last year, the emotion involved cannot be explained neither in words nor in video, you must be there. I was lucky enough to see a match which involved 5 goals, 2 post hitting shots, one excellent save and a 5 star performance by United. This ensured that my friends and I got out of OT extremely happy and yearning for more. Well, who knows, maybe next year I'll be back at OT, but after looking at my ever decreasing bank balance, I highly doubt it :(



ephol said…
Happy New Year too..

What a lucky u are, going to OT & watch 5 amazing goals... I will be at OT for the first time on this Apr 24, match with spurs... want to feel what u just feel...

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