United 3 - 0 Burnley

Neville Brown Evans Evra
Valencia Scholes Carrick(Anderson) Nani
Rooney(Diouf) Berbatov(Owen)

Two goals by Berbatov and Rooney and another by Diouf were enough to get the 3 points, but these goals cannot hide the fact that United played like a bunch of amateurs for most of the match. Our defence was in shambles and if Burnley had at least one decent striker I think we would be looking at a very different scoreline. I'm yearning for the day I see both Vidic and Ferdinand in our back four.

I'm pretty pleased for Diouf. He scored on his home debut and that could be a real morale booster. Overall he did well and I guess that goal sealed his place in our Champions League squad. Well done Diouf! I'm also relieved to see VDS in our goal. Don't get me wrong, I think Kuzschak did really well when he was playing, but VDS is a goalie who oozes class and he rarely puts a foot wrong. However, I'm really disappointed with our strikers. They should have easily scored more goals. Berbatov missed a sitter half way through the second half, I expect him to score from such positions. Nani, who was given a chance to shine, was horrible. He failed to put in a decent cross, his passes were inaccurate and he failed to help Evra when defending.

Anyway, with Chelsea's impressive 7-1 win we are still trailing. Its amazing, we seem to win games when Chelsea win and whenever they slip up, we follow in their footsteps. Our next match is vs Man City. I really don't give two flying fucks if some think that this game is 'just' a Carling Cup game. We need to win against City and I hope Fergie fields a strong side. C'mon United!


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