United 3 - 0 Chelsea

Neville Vidic Evans Evra(O'Shea)
Ronaldo Fletcher Giggs(Carrick) Park
Rooney Berbatov

Saying that I'm happy is an under statement. I'm absolutely delighted with today's performance. My friend Androo predicted a 3-0 win but I just laughed his guess off. I'm usually like that, I often prepare for the worse. Anyway this was a deserved win and I have come to the conclusion that United with Evra in the side play more attractive football and are more threatening. Vidic, Rooney and Berbatov scored United's hat trick of goals.

Giggs was voted man of the match, he had a great match and I was impressed by his running considering his age. I will quote the match commentator who said "he has got that desire and you can't buy that." I'm very pleased with his performance as well as Park's and Neville's performance. I never doubted Park, except for his awful shooting, but in recent weeks I always mumbled and grumbled whenever I saw Neville's or Giggsy's name on the team sheet. I strongly believed that their playing days were over but after today's match I was proven wrong with a capital W.

Enough of the old boys. Now, if we win the 2 games in hand we'll lead the table by a point. Ever since I was young I was taught to never count my chickens before they hatch but I usually did the opposite and I'm already counting the points before they are played for. I expect United to win their 2 games in hand and get back to their rightful place, the TOP. I feel confident and I can't be blamed. After all who wouldn't after such a performance!


Androo said…
FUCK YES!! What a magnificent game. I was jumping like a fool by the time Berba scored. Excellent game for most of the Utd players. Evans also was notably good (great more like it).

By Saturday, we will be top.
Anonymous said…
delighted is another under statement.
Ulrik Fredrik said…
Great match. Best of the season. And we won by more than a goal. LOL.
I think we'll be leading the league come saturday.

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