Wishlist, Ronaldo's Crash and Our new Belgian defender

9 days into the year 2009 and I have finally made my wish list. It isn’t that demanding I guess. Practically I want United to scoop every competition they play in but that’s not all. I want the Scousers to end trophy less this season, that’s another priority! Yep, I’m a greedy little man babeh!

So here’s my belated wishlist
- The Premier League
- The Champions League
- Liverpool missing out on both League & Champions League
- FA Cup
- Carling Cup
- Chelsea having to deal with another trophyless season
- Beat the Scousers, the Arse and of course Chelsea at OT
- Revisit Old Trafford
- Win every single competition United might get themselves into (i.e Charity Shield, Super Cup, World Club Cup)
- Rooney to become a regular goal scorer and leads United to glory whilst bagging the best player of the year award
- Ronaldo to up his performances and does the same as during the season 07/08 and if he doesn’t show some more respect to the club I wish he gets booted out.
- The sleeping giant, Berbatov, to wake up
- Ryan air to include a direct flight between Manchester and Malta in their programme. Air Malta is too damn expensive.
- And last and not least I want United to play that kind of breath taking football, the same kind of football we witnessed 2 seasons ago and to some extent last year.

Call me a dreamer but my dreams about United usually come true except for the gazillion times I dreamt that I had been signed by Man Utd. Oh Well. (Any wishes you want to add to mine?)

Meanwhile after Wednesday’s loss to Derby, Ronaldo was still dazed and early on Thursday morning he crashed with his $200,000 car. He managed to ‘dive’ out of the car unscratched. That guy surely likes diving! What could have caused such an accident? He was probably on the phone or doing his hair. It's a shame he could bend cars yet can't bend a freakin freekick! Oh well, I thank God he wasn't injured for I can't imagine United without Ronaldo. He may be an arrogant bit headed Portuguese but he surely is influential.

Anyway don’t be too worried about him losing his $200,000 Ferrari. He was seen driving a Bentley in the evening and he will afford to buy a new Ferrari when he receives his weekly wage. Yes that’s right, his WEEKLY wage. I fancy earning a tenth of his weekly wage every year! But I guess I can dream on and carry on with my 11,000euro a year shitty job I’ve got.

Ritchie De Laet

Meanwhile United have snatched another player to add to the addition of the two young Serbs Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic who signed for United last week. (You’re right again! I had to copy their names from manutd.com and paste them onto here. Ljajic in particular is too damn uncommon to remember. The commentators will have a hard time pronouncing that name!) Yesterday United snatched Mr. Ritchie De Laet from Stoke City. I don’t know too much about the guy so I won’t judge. But still, I gotta say something! What the hell was Fergie thinking?? Ok, there, I can now go to sleep.


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