Bolton 0 - 1 United

Neville Vidic Evans O'Shea
Fletcher Carrick Anderson Ronaldo
Tevez Berbatov
A nicely worked goal by Tevez and Berbatov finished off a stubborn Bolton side who were clearly happy to come out of this match with a point. Overall United were better and deserved the win but this doesn't mean that United played well. Once again we lacked that special something upfront. Anyway another win, another cleansheet and God I was so happy to see Tevez celebrate like he did. He surely loves the club, the problem is that his 'owners' love money and his price tag is what will doom him to another club.
Berbatov scored his second goal in a week, good contribution. Still, he could have scored another during the match had he pulled the trigger earlier but as long as he's scoring I'm fine with him. Vidic and Evans were impermeable once again. They're forming a great partnership and it's a pity that whenever Rio recovers, Evans will probably lose his place in the side.

I feel like I forgot something. Oh I remember! We're on top of the Premier League! Where are ya Scousers?


Ulrik Fredrik said…
Rafa's all scared now. Lets go you Toffees!
Androo said…
Come on Toffees! United are top of the table and it's going to take some big balls to shake us from here.

Also Oli PLEASE watch this:

Now that's some serious shit.
Oliver said…
Very true Androo, that video is a masterpiece!

I'm still waiting for the time Berba reaches the form he was in when with Tottenham! But I think he's getting there, albeit slowly

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