Derby 1 - 0 United

Rafael Vida Evans O'Shea
Gibson Scholes(Ronaldo) Anderson(Carrick) Nani
Tevez Welbeck(Rooney)
The Carling Cup may not be the biggest competition United are competing in this season but that doesn't mean the players shouldn't give their 100%. They are paid jaw dropping wages and then we get to see this match. A horror show! One of the worst matches this season. Ok, you're right, I am being too kind with the lads who played tonight. This wasn't 'one of the' but it was simply 'THE' worst game of the season and forgive me for being such an exaggerated person but I think this was the worst performance for these last couple of years.
But alas, there is a positive that can be taken out of this match. No, don't rub your eyes! I have really written that there is a positive and it is that with this defeat to lowly Derby the United players will get the chance to wake up and smell the coffee. It's a defeat that might as well send the World Champions back to planet earth; a great wakeup call to reshape themselfs and their minds!
We didn't get a single shot on target from open play, we barely attacked the Derby half, Tevez was poor, O'Shea was even poorer, Welbeck & Gibson were disappointing and to be honest so was Scholes who gave the ball away cheaply. After watching United play crap and keeping in mind that Chelsea's game is looming large I just cannot feel confident at all. Thankfully Chelsea's form right now isn't really terrifying so I guess a draw will be the final outcome.


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