United 2 - 1 Tottenham

O'Shea Neville Vidic Fabio(Eckersly)
Welbeck(Fletcher) Carrick Scholes Ronaldo(Tosic)
Tevez Berbatov

The early goal Tottenham scored might have contributed to their own demise. It was quite evident that the goal triggered United into action. The first half was one way traffic. United attacked relentlessly until the players got what they wanted, 2 goals. Scholes scored his first goal since that famous one against Barca while Berbatov scored a lovely goal. Finally the Bulgarian is winning me over although, just as the commentator confessed, Tevez was much more effective than Berbatov. The Argentenian ran his socks off although sometimes he did run like a headless chicken, but that's what you get from this player 100% commitment.

I was impressed by both Fabio and Welbeck. They did very well in their respective position. Foster was quite hesitant when the ball was in the six yard box and sometimes he didn't communicate well with his defenders, there's room for improvement.

Finally, we saw Tosic in the United shirt. He didn't do an awful lot and to be fair he didn't have enough time. My first impressions of him are that he should hit the gym and get built. Ronaldo was just like him when he came to Old Trafford and look at him now! Ronny should give him some tips.

The negatives today :- Two played have been added to the ever growing injury list (Welbeck and Fabio) and United's second half performance was a disaster.

Next game vs WBA. I expect a win but the game of football is hard headed, so you can never tell.


Anonymous said…
Many of the our players should head to the gym and get build up, that's why we have an everlasting list of injured players. first would be Park welback and the twins. maybe brown should give them so tips because he fear no one.
Ulrik Fredrik said…
Physical conditioning can only do so much. It prevents you from sustaining injury as a result of over exertion. But when brutes in the BPL try to take your legs off,no amount of physical conditioning can keep you away from injury.
Stevie Red said…
just like in Spain, the English league is dominated by tackles that could send a player to treatment for months. Especially with teams such as Bolton and Stoke. But i still believe that at this point all players in the EPL are becoming weary. Gym won't solve the problem, a break will though!
Anonymous said…
I agree with you that a break will do, but also in uk football physical condition and the fast players will be more success..

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