Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WBA 0 - 5 United

Neville(Eckersly) Rio(Brown) Vidic O'Shea
Park Carrick Giggs Ronaldo
Berbatov(Tosic) Tevez

Finally! United are back to winning in style! A brace by Ronaldo and a goal by Tevez, Berbatov & Vidic contributed to the destruction of a poor WBA side. To be fair to them, they had Robinson sent off late in the first half and in my opinion a yellow card would have been more appropriate. But United simply outclassed WBA and the build up to some of our goals today would have Gerrard and Torres drooling.

Berbatov showed his true colours today. Exceptional performance from the Bulgarian! He was my man of the match along with Carrick who showcased his pin point and defence splitting passing once again. Giggs was perfect. Perfect runs, perfect interceptions & perfect passes. He made 3 assists! This game is another reason why Fergie should start Giggs in midfield more often. Tevez was his usual self and I think he was a tad unlucky when his superb effort, late in the 2ND half , was saved by Carson. To be honest Tevez had lady luck smiling at him when he scored the first. It was literally a gift from Carson, oh these English goal keepers are so generous at times!

The back four were solid once again, another clean sheet which means that now Manchester United has set a Premier League record. Van der Sar has now not conceded for 1033 minutes so breaking Cech's record in the Premier League. Well done!
I expect Liverpool to drop some points tomorow. We'll wait and see! They were surely dazzled by our display today because Merseyside WAS watching!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

United 2 - 1 Tottenham

O'Shea Neville Vidic Fabio(Eckersly)
Welbeck(Fletcher) Carrick Scholes Ronaldo(Tosic)
Tevez Berbatov

The early goal Tottenham scored might have contributed to their own demise. It was quite evident that the goal triggered United into action. The first half was one way traffic. United attacked relentlessly until the players got what they wanted, 2 goals. Scholes scored his first goal since that famous one against Barca while Berbatov scored a lovely goal. Finally the Bulgarian is winning me over although, just as the commentator confessed, Tevez was much more effective than Berbatov. The Argentenian ran his socks off although sometimes he did run like a headless chicken, but that's what you get from this player 100% commitment.

I was impressed by both Fabio and Welbeck. They did very well in their respective position. Foster was quite hesitant when the ball was in the six yard box and sometimes he didn't communicate well with his defenders, there's room for improvement.

Finally, we saw Tosic in the United shirt. He didn't do an awful lot and to be fair he didn't have enough time. My first impressions of him are that he should hit the gym and get built. Ronaldo was just like him when he came to Old Trafford and look at him now! Ronny should give him some tips.

The negatives today :- Two played have been added to the ever growing injury list (Welbeck and Fabio) and United's second half performance was a disaster.

Next game vs WBA. I expect a win but the game of football is hard headed, so you can never tell.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Quintuple?

1 down 4 to go! To be honest I only expect United to win the Legue Cup and the League, anything else is a bonus. I have a feeling we'll win 3 out of the 5 :) Still good eh?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

United 4 - 2 Derby

Rafael(Fletcher) Neville(Chester) Evans O'Shea
Giggs(Ronaldo) Gibson Anderson Nani
Welbeck Tevez

We can look forward to another cup final, which to my delight, have been coming in abundance lately. Champions League, Charity Shield, Super Cup, World Club Cup and now the League cup all in the space of a year!

Nani, O'Shea, Tevez and a penalty by Ronaldo sealed the issue. Nani's goal was stunning. By half time we were leading 3-0 so I was quite disappointed United switched off during the second half and allowed Derby to get back into the game.

I'm pleased with Evans. He's really turning into a great centre back. Meanwhile Fergie decided not to play Tosic and that didn't go down too well with me and the United supporters. Everyone was eager to see this Tosic guy, but Fergie had other ideas. He's a footballing genius and only he knows what's best for the team and what's not so I won't question him.

"Anderson, Rafael, Nani and Jonny Evans were all needing treatment after the 4-2 tussle with Derby County - Anderson was carried to the dressing room on a stretcher after everyone else had left the field at the final whistle." - That's was written on . Oh well, everything comes at a price now adays.

Meanwhile another cup final looms large :)

Wem(e)ley Wemb(e)ley, We're the famous Man Utd and we're going to WEMBLEY!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bolton 0 - 1 United

Neville Vidic Evans O'Shea
Fletcher Carrick Anderson Ronaldo
Tevez Berbatov
A nicely worked goal by Tevez and Berbatov finished off a stubborn Bolton side who were clearly happy to come out of this match with a point. Overall United were better and deserved the win but this doesn't mean that United played well. Once again we lacked that special something upfront. Anyway another win, another cleansheet and God I was so happy to see Tevez celebrate like he did. He surely loves the club, the problem is that his 'owners' love money and his price tag is what will doom him to another club.
Berbatov scored his second goal in a week, good contribution. Still, he could have scored another during the match had he pulled the trigger earlier but as long as he's scoring I'm fine with him. Vidic and Evans were impermeable once again. They're forming a great partnership and it's a pity that whenever Rio recovers, Evans will probably lose his place in the side.

I feel like I forgot something. Oh I remember! We're on top of the Premier League! Where are ya Scousers?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

United 1 - 0 Wigan

Rafael Vida Evans O'Shea
Ronaldo Carrick Scholes(Fletcher) Nani(Anderson)
Rooney(Tevez) Berbatov

It was about 7.30am and as I walked through my work's corridor, being my usual early morning self i.e. dazed, a work mate asked me to share my match prediction with him. I murmured "4 nill to United." I know I was still in dream land but I was quite confident United were going to win in style. My confidence rocketed sky high when United scored a goal barely a minute into the match thanks to that boy Rooney. Unbelievably that was the defining moment of the match, yes, a moment which happened when the match was about 57 seconds old. Another prediction down the drain! What an anti-climax eh?

Anyway, enough of my usual pessimistic thoughts which I usually share whenever United fail to reach my towering demands. It's another win, another 3 points in the bag and another cleansheet. The 9th consecutive cleansheet! Vidic was my Man of the Match. He is truely exceptional. One banner at Old Trafford has the words VIDIC IS GOD embroidered on it, he's not god, but he is the nearest thing. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere! Aren't those what our Religion teachers used to teach us about God? Jokes aside, Vidic truly is special. His tackling and heading technique is inch perfect. Evans is also maturing into a really good centre back. We're not really missing Rio and that says a lot!

Meanwhile Tevez, who replaced the injured Rooney, huffed and puffed to impress the gaffer but he spoiled his efforts when he missed a sitter. A chance which could have settled the match, instead of forcing us supporters to wait until the final whistle. 90 long minutes, during which , a couple of years might have been shaved off our life.

Nxt match is away to Bolton. We win it and then we can start enjoying a familiar scene we have got accustomed to. That of watching hopeless teams fighting in vain to take our crown. Natural order will soon take place :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

United 3 - 0 Chelsea

Neville Vidic Evans Evra(O'Shea)
Ronaldo Fletcher Giggs(Carrick) Park
Rooney Berbatov

Saying that I'm happy is an under statement. I'm absolutely delighted with today's performance. My friend Androo predicted a 3-0 win but I just laughed his guess off. I'm usually like that, I often prepare for the worse. Anyway this was a deserved win and I have come to the conclusion that United with Evra in the side play more attractive football and are more threatening. Vidic, Rooney and Berbatov scored United's hat trick of goals.

Giggs was voted man of the match, he had a great match and I was impressed by his running considering his age. I will quote the match commentator who said "he has got that desire and you can't buy that." I'm very pleased with his performance as well as Park's and Neville's performance. I never doubted Park, except for his awful shooting, but in recent weeks I always mumbled and grumbled whenever I saw Neville's or Giggsy's name on the team sheet. I strongly believed that their playing days were over but after today's match I was proven wrong with a capital W.

Enough of the old boys. Now, if we win the 2 games in hand we'll lead the table by a point. Ever since I was young I was taught to never count my chickens before they hatch but I usually did the opposite and I'm already counting the points before they are played for. I expect United to win their 2 games in hand and get back to their rightful place, the TOP. I feel confident and I can't be blamed. After all who wouldn't after such a performance!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wishlist, Ronaldo's Crash and Our new Belgian defender

9 days into the year 2009 and I have finally made my wish list. It isn’t that demanding I guess. Practically I want United to scoop every competition they play in but that’s not all. I want the Scousers to end trophy less this season, that’s another priority! Yep, I’m a greedy little man babeh!

So here’s my belated wishlist
- The Premier League
- The Champions League
- Liverpool missing out on both League & Champions League
- FA Cup
- Carling Cup
- Chelsea having to deal with another trophyless season
- Beat the Scousers, the Arse and of course Chelsea at OT
- Revisit Old Trafford
- Win every single competition United might get themselves into (i.e Charity Shield, Super Cup, World Club Cup)
- Rooney to become a regular goal scorer and leads United to glory whilst bagging the best player of the year award
- Ronaldo to up his performances and does the same as during the season 07/08 and if he doesn’t show some more respect to the club I wish he gets booted out.
- The sleeping giant, Berbatov, to wake up
- Ryan air to include a direct flight between Manchester and Malta in their programme. Air Malta is too damn expensive.
- And last and not least I want United to play that kind of breath taking football, the same kind of football we witnessed 2 seasons ago and to some extent last year.

Call me a dreamer but my dreams about United usually come true except for the gazillion times I dreamt that I had been signed by Man Utd. Oh Well. (Any wishes you want to add to mine?)

Meanwhile after Wednesday’s loss to Derby, Ronaldo was still dazed and early on Thursday morning he crashed with his $200,000 car. He managed to ‘dive’ out of the car unscratched. That guy surely likes diving! What could have caused such an accident? He was probably on the phone or doing his hair. It's a shame he could bend cars yet can't bend a freakin freekick! Oh well, I thank God he wasn't injured for I can't imagine United without Ronaldo. He may be an arrogant bit headed Portuguese but he surely is influential.

Anyway don’t be too worried about him losing his $200,000 Ferrari. He was seen driving a Bentley in the evening and he will afford to buy a new Ferrari when he receives his weekly wage. Yes that’s right, his WEEKLY wage. I fancy earning a tenth of his weekly wage every year! But I guess I can dream on and carry on with my 11,000euro a year shitty job I’ve got.

Ritchie De Laet

Meanwhile United have snatched another player to add to the addition of the two young Serbs Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic who signed for United last week. (You’re right again! I had to copy their names from and paste them onto here. Ljajic in particular is too damn uncommon to remember. The commentators will have a hard time pronouncing that name!) Yesterday United snatched Mr. Ritchie De Laet from Stoke City. I don’t know too much about the guy so I won’t judge. But still, I gotta say something! What the hell was Fergie thinking?? Ok, there, I can now go to sleep.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Derby 1 - 0 United

Rafael Vida Evans O'Shea
Gibson Scholes(Ronaldo) Anderson(Carrick) Nani
Tevez Welbeck(Rooney)
The Carling Cup may not be the biggest competition United are competing in this season but that doesn't mean the players shouldn't give their 100%. They are paid jaw dropping wages and then we get to see this match. A horror show! One of the worst matches this season. Ok, you're right, I am being too kind with the lads who played tonight. This wasn't 'one of the' but it was simply 'THE' worst game of the season and forgive me for being such an exaggerated person but I think this was the worst performance for these last couple of years.
But alas, there is a positive that can be taken out of this match. No, don't rub your eyes! I have really written that there is a positive and it is that with this defeat to lowly Derby the United players will get the chance to wake up and smell the coffee. It's a defeat that might as well send the World Champions back to planet earth; a great wakeup call to reshape themselfs and their minds!
We didn't get a single shot on target from open play, we barely attacked the Derby half, Tevez was poor, O'Shea was even poorer, Welbeck & Gibson were disappointing and to be honest so was Scholes who gave the ball away cheaply. After watching United play crap and keeping in mind that Chelsea's game is looming large I just cannot feel confident at all. Thankfully Chelsea's form right now isn't really terrifying so I guess a draw will be the final outcome.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Southampton 0 - 3 United

Neville Vida Evans O'Shea
Nani Carrick(Gibson) Anderson Giggs(Possebon)
Welbeck(Rooney) Berbatov

Although we missed a couple of chances, I believe United played quite well. Berbatov, although unwilling to shoot from ideal positions, made some clever touches which opened the Saints defence wide open. Good improvement from the last couple of games. Now, I hope he starts shooting more, just like Rooney who was ultra motivated and managed to motivate his team mates and even created a goal for Gibson.

Welbeck, Nani(pen) and Gibson scored the 3 goals today. Welback showed great pace today and I believe that he will shine in the future. Well I hope he isn't a new 'Chris Eagles'/'Luke Chadwick' type of player, a great prospect but ends up sold to a lower league team.

Possebon and Gibson didn't have a lot of influence on the match and gave the ball away often. I hope they improve because they seem to be two decent players.

Next match is vs Derby, Carling Cup Semi-Final. I know it's just the carling cup but silverware is silverware and I hope we win it! Adios!