United 5 - 3 Gamba Osaka

Neville Rio Vida(evans) Evra
Ronaldo Schooles(Fletcher) Anderson Nani
Giggs Tevez(Rooney)

This was a game which reached a high level of mediocrity for 75 minutes. But then the real entertainment began. At two nil, goals from Ronaldo and Vidic, Fergie decided to bring on Wayne Rooney, there was pandemonium in the stands and, soon enough, on the pitch as well. United immediately conceded a goal. Barely 30 seconds later Rooney scored with a delightful finish, Fletcher added another and Rooney bagged his second. Yes, all in the space of 5 minutes. When everyone thought Gamba Osaka were done they came back and scored a doubtful penalty and an excellent goal. A cracking second half, or should I say, a cracking second half of the second half.

Now, we scored 5 goals, Rooney was excellent, Tevez was a tad too sloppy, Nani was creative, Ronaldo was his usual self, we’re through to the Final and yes, I am still worried about United. I don’t think that a team fielding the best defenders(apart from Neville who’s age is getting the better of him) should concede 3 goals, against a team as ‘mighty’ as Gamba Osaka. Our defending was quite worrying at times.

Another negative that came out of this game was Anderson’s lack of ability in front of goal. When will this player score a goal in a United shirt? Today he was presented with the perfect opportunity to score a goal but his header was quite comical. He’s an excellent midfielder though so I ain’t going too hard on him.

Anyway, we’re through to the final. A good opportunity to show the World that we really are the best football team in the world, although I must say, I really don’t think the teams participating in the Fifa World Club Cup are the best teams in the world. So you know, winning this tournament doesn’t really mean anything. I bet Hull City are better than Gamba Osaka. Winning the premier league should be enough to give you the title ‘Best Team in the World’ though.


Ulrik Fredrik said…
Great commentary mate. But I a disagree on degrading Gamba as being less than what Hull is. no offence to Hull. But I think we should give them some credit. Gamba had to work to earn a place at the FWCC.

About United's defence, I wouldn't be too worried about it. In fact, I'm feeling quite relieved. The conceded goals may have been due to our offensive mode of play, which is great. 5 goals scored in a game is a much needed change. Personally, I dont mind if United score lots and concede goals for the reason that they push to far forward. Obviously this would be ideal provided United wins the match too.
Itinerant said…
Just taking off on a tangent here, cant believe that Madrid is again trying to unsettle Manu and Ronaldo. I support them when it comes to the La Liga but this is just disgraceful behaviour. Its just the nature of the Spanish clubs i feel. I read today that Barca want to raid Arsenal again and take RVP to the Camp Nou.
Oliver said…
Ulrik, It wasn't my intention to degrade Gamba. But put your hand against your heart and speak honestly, don't you think at least 3/4 of the Premier League teams would walk over Gamba Osaka? My point is that we play in the best league in the world, winning the league(and CL) last year should have been enough to to declare us the best team in the world, at least for 2008. Now let's win that cup so all doubters will shut their mouth up :)

Itinerant, Well, what can I say? Those Spanish clubs are so disrespectful. OK, so a club (In my opinion) should be given the chance to try and approach a player in the Summer given that the Club who has the player's contract agrees, but unsettling players in the middle of the season when United (and Arsenal too) are reluctant to sell is just plain arrogance and I think Uefa should do something about it. Both Ronaldo and RVP will be distracted thanks to the sheer arrogance of these Spanish clubs.

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