United 1 - 0 Sunderland

Rafael Rio Vida Evra
Ronnaldo(Giggs) Carrick Fletcher(Anderson) Park(Tevez)
Rooney Berbatov

Goal thanks to Nemanja Vidic during stoppage time.

If you ever watch a match as one sided as this one, please call me. I would be very amazed. The fact that United had 81% possesion at the end of the match says a lot. United attacked and attacked but Sunderland literally parked 9 players in their box, with Cisse fighting up front to hold a stray ball, but to no avail.

Some say United were lucky to score during stoppage time. Whoever says this, mostly Liverpool fans of course, has surely not watched the match. If there was a team which was lucky, it was Sunderland. I have never watched a game like this before, it was an absolute joke. Any minor team that plays against United seem to be happy to play a dull game and aim for a draw. Counter attacking teams such as Arsenal and Chelsea have experienced such circumstances and their supporters know how irritating it is to watch a match in which the opposition defends and defends without ever bothering to attack.

Now, I want to make a point clear. I am absolutely disgusted with Sir Alex. What on earth should Tevez do to earn a place in the starting XI? Learn how to fly? It seems that the gaffer is doing his utmost to piss Tevez off and I think he is doing one heck of a job. Berbatov was once again poor today. He should have scored at least 1 goal, but instead he headed wide from an ideal position. If he starts on the bench for at least one darn match he'll realise that his place in the starting XI is not guaranteed and maybe he thrives to perform better for United. I don't doubt his potential, but I do doubt his commitment to United.


Ulrik Fredrik said…
Yeah, its been so long since I've heard any team earning 81% of possession if any besides United against Sunderland.

But we're United and we should've figured out how to stretch the double-decker bus in front of the goal. United's forwards need to learn how to be more innovative. Quick.

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Ulrik Fredrik said…
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Ulrik Fredrik

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