Champions Of The World!

We used to say that we are probably the best team in the world, the 'probably' part can now be erased, it is now official :- We are THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.
Does our heart desire anything else? Champions of England, Champions of Europe, Champions of the World. We are the only English side to enjoy such bragging rights since no other English club has ever won the World Club Cup. No, not even the big headed scousers. This is the second time we've won this competition.
It feels too good to be on top of the world. A feeling I have never experienced with England's national team(and probably never will). We are the Champions Of The World! :)


Itinerant said…
Great achievement. I saw only a part of the second half and have to say this Rafael looks like he has some career in front of him. Bye Bye Gary Neville!
Anonymous said…
yep, rafael is one heck of a player. needs to learn how to defend more though

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