Tomorrow I'm Off To England To See United!

I have been wanting to go to Old Trafford for quite some time now and after a lot of unfulfilled promises and a couple of heart breaks in the process my friends and I decided to take matters into our own hands. My parents didn’t understand that I was dying to go to Old Trafford and watch the same heroes I follow week in week out on every available type of mass medium. Internet, Tv, PSP, you name it and if I own it, I have probably done something to follow United through it.

It was the first week of October and I was busy at work preparing a visa for a certain girl called Tatiana, whose face is one of the few reasons my worn out brain remembers her name, when Glen texted me and asked ‘When are we going to Manchester?’ Both Mum and Dad promised me that if I passed my A-Level exams they would grant me permission to go to Manchester and hence fulfil my dream. I passed all the exams except for the bloody hard Maths. Thankfully I passed the Maths re-sit in September therefore that meant I had accomplished the necessary requirements for the go-ahead from my parents. So I told Glen, “I’ll check the Flight fares and if at least another (responsible) person joins us, I’ll book the flight tickets.” And so I did, after another friend, Daniel who I usually call Calleja, confirmed he would join us should this trip to Old Trafford happen. Obviously a lot of preparations were involved. I would like to thank Mr. Tedesco from the MUSC Malta who was of vital importance and managed to acquire 3 tickets for the Manchester United vs M’Boro.

Some weeks passed by when I was talking to a friend of mine prior to a football match at a Sports marathon. This person, Aron, happens to be a United fan too so I decided I should pull his leg and force the ‘green eyed monster’ to make the better of him. As I was telling him about our trip to Manchester, he instantly told me to book a flight ticket for him too. Obviously this was music to my ears as another person would make this 5 day stay in England even more enjoyable. ‘The more the merrier’ is not just a quote, it’s a fact. Luckily there were still some seats available on the planes so I booked a flight ticket for Aron.

3 months have passed since Glenn sent me that pivotal mobile message. These were 3 months full of preparations from Glen, Daniel and I. Tomorrow, after we watch Man Utd take on Stoke(on tv), we’re off to England.

These past 3 months have lead to the next 5 days. These days will lead to those 90 precious minutes I have been waiting for most of my life. I feel so happy, this has got to be the best Christmas ever. An iPod touch, a Wii and above all an opportunity to see the Champions of The World at the best Football stadium in the world. A Christmas I will surely never forget, a great contrast to Christmas 2007 which marked the death of an important person in my life.

Happy Xmas


islandlost said…
Good for u! U will c them win in style!!! Man Utd!!!
Anonymous said…
Come On UNited!!!

Se u in Manchester

Ulrik Fredrik said…
Lucky man!

Wanna trade places?

LOL. Have fun in Manchester!
Anonymous said…
Back in Malta. OLI now we wanna see the photos of your visit.. e

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