Tottenham 0 - 0 United

Rafael Rio Vida O'Shea
Ronaldo Fletcher(Scholes) Carrick Park
Tevez(Giggs) Berbatov

Just like against Villa and to some extent against Sunderland, this was a game in which United showed a lot of fancy footwork yet with no real end product. The closest we got to scoring was when Ji Sung Park hit a fine strike from outside the area. Now that says a lot about our attacking unit. Doesn't it?

Given the fact that the Spurs had both of their central defenders missing due to injury and we couldn't penetrate tells how poor United are up front. Ok, I know we were missing probably our most inventive and intelligent player(with a bit of madness in the mix) in the form of Wayne Rooney but heck shouldn't a 30mil player make sure we don't miss Wayne? Berbatov is once again my target. I've given him enough chances, and Fergie has given him one chance too many. I have now come to the conclusion that we wasted 30mil. An amount with which we could have bought Huntelaar or that Athletico Madrid guy, whose name I forgot. I'm not saying that Tevez had a great game either. But I think United's best partnership up front doesn't come in the form of Rooney and Berbatov and defenitely not in the form of Berbatov and Tevez. It's evident and proven that United are better off with Tevez and Rooney up front.

Anyway we had a chance to cut Liverpool's lead of 3 points but we fluffed it. I hope we can get back on track in the premierleague and , given the circumstances United will have to face in the coming weeks, I don't think we will. Scholes said he isn't concerned about United's goal draught (2 goals in the last 4 matches) but heck I am more than just concered. Off to the World Club Cup...


Ulrik Fredrik said…
....."our most inventive and intelligent player(with a bit of madness in the mix)".....

Haha. That's our boy Rooney alright!

And lets just see how much more Berbatov can contribute to retaining our titles this season. In the meantime, I think the boss should stop experimenting and letting him play so often in place of Tevez. Lets wrap up the season and its titles first then SAF can play Berbatov all he wants!

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