My Experience In Manchester

I have dreamt of watching United play at Old Trafford ever since the first match I watched of my beloved team back in 1997. My uncle promised me several times that he’ll take me to OT but I guess his promises had no solid ground. Finally after nearly 12 years I can say that I have realised my dream! A dream which now leads to another dream I want to be fulfilled as soon as possible :- I want to go to OLD TRAFFORD AGAIN!

The atmosphere inside the stadium is just brilliant. I have heard people say that Old Trafford is a wonderful place to be during a United match but unless you visit it you’ll never phantom what makes this stadium truly an amazing experience. It’s just stuff of dreams hence The Theatre Of Dreams.

The Stretford End is by far the best stand a United die hard fan should watch a match from. I was in the North Stand and was quite disappointed that whenever someone tried to stand up and encourage the players another person would shout “Sit Down!” while the Stretford Enders sang and danced the night out. However from the North Stand I had an amazing view so I shouldn’t be all grumpy. After all every high must have a negative.

Finally I heard true die hard United supporters talking the truth about our own players. Rooney is like a god at OT, whenever he touches the ball everyone anticipates a touch of class and the shouts “ROONEYYY ROONEYYY” still play at the back of my mind. He is truly loved at OT. Meanwhile the crowd wasn’t too sure about the World Player Of The Year Cristiano Ronaldo. The phrase “What the F*** is Ronaldo doing there” was constantly heard and so was “Wake up Berba!!” It’s evident that just like me, the United faithful know that something is wrong with Ronaldo, deep down inside our heart we all know that OT is not where Ronaldo wants to be yet we try to convince ourselves that Ronaldo is happy at United. Berbatov, the goal scorer and a constant victim of my criticism, doesn't get the amount of ‘love’ some might think he gets. It is evident the United fans want him to perform more, they want the REAL Berbatov to play, they want him to wake up and if he doesn’t they want him OUT. These are the words I heard from a United fan sitting behind me.

When Berba scored everyone was in an ecstasy of joy. Jumping, shouting, singing, hugging while some girls were,*drum rolls* screaming. Well what did you expect? I wish United scored at least 4 other goals, words just cannot describe the emotion. So if you want to know what OT is like, stop reading this blog, get your wallet out, get ready to spend about 100 pounds, book a stadium ticket and get your ass to Old Trafford. That’s the only way you’ll ever get to know what the Theatre of Dreams, with a performance from the World Champions, could offer.

I saw most of the players apart from Nani, Tevez and Ferdinand. I’ve seen Nani play for Portugal vs Malta but I’ve never had the opportunity to get a glimpse of Tevez and the almighty Ferdinand. Hopefully I’ll get to see them the next time I’ll get to Old Trafford.

Apart from the Match, by paying about 6 English Pounds you can get inside the Museum and get a Stadium tour. The museum is a nice place to re-live United’s glorious years. That's where I got the opportunity(£14) to get a shot with the trophies United won during 2008. The Champions League, World Club Cup and the Premier League(The Charity Shield was missing). And yes I touched the Premier League and World Club Cup before Steven Gerrard and Torres! Hopefully I’ll never experience prison, the place where Gerrard is living at the moment!

Unfortunately due to a very bad stomach ache I missed the Stadium Tour. Another thing I’ll do the next time I go to Manchester.

Now, does anyone want to donate money to my ‘I must get my ass back to Old Trafford foundation’? I’ll be more than just happy with your donations :) C’mon make a person happy!

I didn't put all the photos of OT on this blog mainly because I'm a lazy person who does not intend to spend New Years Eve waiting for these bloody pictures to upload :)



Anonymous said…
Jekk trid nista ntik ir ritratti tat tour!!
Stevie Red said…
Great article mate. About the Ronaldo part, well in a recent interview he said he's happy here so I guess you're wrong about his mind being set on Real Madrid.

I go to OT a couple of times every year, it has become an addiction. Some are addicted to chocolates, others to TV but I'm addicted to OT and United. I guess I'm not alone
Chris "Red" said…
Lucky you for seeing your favourite sports team, I did so a couple of times when I was a young kid (Not Man. Utd., not even football)
Zareef said…
luckily i went to the Stadium Tour and watched the gameee!! i sat in Stretford End! biggest thing that ever happened to me!

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