United 2 - 0 Crystal Palace

Fabio Rio Vidic Evra
Valencia Anderson(Fellaini) Carrick Young(Januzaj)
Rooney RVP(Chicharito)

Well, that wasn't the best of performances. We played the entire second half against 10 men and created very little chances from open play. We scored two set-pieces so, if I'm not mistaken, we haven't scored from open play for three games now. A bit worrying if you ask me. The play during the first half almost put me to sleep but thankfully we got ourselves a goal just before half time. We looked better during the second half especially when a very confident Fellaini and Januzaj entered the field of play. The former didn't miss one header in the middle of the pitch while the latter gave us United faithful plenty of reasons to be excited. What a talent. 

Amid Anderson's wayward passes and Young's embarrassing dives, there were some moments of brilliance. Rooney and RVP almost re-created last year's goal vs. Aston Villa, but our Dutchman was denied by the cross-bar. I thought Roo looked a tad rusty today but he scored a very good freekick so that'll probably overshadow his overall performance. However, that was definitely not Wayne in top form. 

Carrick had a good game and Anderson was his clumsy self. Both Fellaini and Cleverley are better than our Brazilian. Heck, I think even Fletcher, who has just returned to training after a long layoff, could give more to the team than our burger loving midfielder. This is a big season for Anderson and I think it might just be his last in the red of United, unless he ups his game. Thing is, I've been saying these same words for the past three seasons. 

What about our wings? Jesus, they're a frustrating couple of players, aren't they? Although Young won us a penalty, he was too quiet for my liking and his dive was shameful. He did improve during the second half but substitute Januzaj was more involved in the game during his brief cameo. Valencia was good on the attack but his final ball was very poor. Both these players are as frustrating as Nani but neither possess the skill our Portuguese has, therefore I cannot see why Nani wasn't involved in the game today. He might be injured but I'm not sure about that. As for Kagawa, well, I heard he was sick so I'll excuse Moyes for not involving him. 

Not much to say about our defense except for the fact that Rafael is miles ahead of his twin brother. 

Next game is vs. Bayern Leverkusen. Won't be a walk in the park, I'm sure of that. 


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