Transfer Window, Fellaini, Woodward and his team

Woodward and his team asking you for forgiveness? 
At long last the transfer window has been slammed shut. Apparently, this transfer window left a lot of United ‘fans’ with a bitter taste. I’ve read tens of comments posted on numerous MAN UTD Facebook groups and fora and a high percentage of them directed insults at Woodward, Moyes and, of course, the Glazers.

It seems that most of us aren’t happy with the dealings during this transfer window and, to some extent, I do understand the anger expressed by these United fans. Moyes and his team were keen to develop a better relationship with the media and this meant that the people Ferguson never trusted were suddenly being given an unnecessary insight into what was brewing behind the scenes at Old Trafford. Moyes was constantly stating that we’re in for the best footballers (and even naming them) in the world while our CEO gave the impression that we had an unlimited budget. The media made a meal of such comments and this buffed a lot of fans with false hope that a world beater (someone in the mould of Bale or Ronaldo) was about to join United.  Publicly courting Fabregas wasn’t a wise idea either.

Little do these people know that it makes absolutely no financial sense to buy a player for the silly money teams like Real Madrid are willing to spend. €100m for Bale? Jesus Christ, talk about inflated prices. Kaka joined Real 3 years ago for 65m, he returned to Milan yesterday for a meagre amount of money. That will never ever happen at United and rightly so. The Glazers aren't that stupid. 

However, it was the board’s fault that a lot of Man Utd fans are turning against them. Why promise a Fabregas if you haven't got the faintest of hints that he wants to leave Real? Why go for the Spaniard a couple of days after Barca had sold Thiago? Why go for Khedira when Real Madrid had just sold Ozil? Why offer 27m for Baines and Fellaini combined? Why didn’t we pay Fellaini’s release clause earlier this summer? What the hell happened in Herrera’s case?

These are all questions that need answering to. Woodward’s inexperience was exposed during this summer’s transfer window and the fans will blame him if our season doesn’t go according to plan. While I wouldn't go as far as calling for Woodward's head, I do think he should revert to his previous position and deal with the marketing side of the club. He's quite capable of doing just that. Appointing a director of football would be an excellent move by the Glazers. A director of football who's got previous links with our club, someone who knows what it means to be at United and knows what the fans expect. 

Newest Addition Fellaini

Enough of this, What about our newest addition to the squad?

I honestly think that Fellaini is the player we really needed. OK, it might look like we got our plan B midfielder  (with the amount of midfielders we were linked to, make that plan H)  but we really needed a “bully” in the middle of the ground. We needed someone who’s not afraid to get stuck in and who could score a goal or two. I believe we got just that.

On numerous occasions, especially vs the likes of Yaya Toure, our players were bullied off the ball a tad too often for my liking. It’s been a while since we had a physically powerful midfielder and finally we addressed the issue.

A lot of fans were asking for a creative midfielder, but don’t we have that kind of player in Kagawa? If needs be, we've also got Rooney who could easily play in that role and excel. So why on earth are these fans blabbering about not getting Ozil when we’re pretty well endowed in the creative midfield area? And why on earth is everybody acting like they’ve been eternally craving that Spanish guy Herrera when most of us, me included, didn’t know he existed a couple of days ago? Yes, his youtube videos look like he’s a cracking talent but I guess, if I played in the Spanish Liga for 3 years, even I could find enough footage to compile a 3 minute video of myself passing the ball around nicely.

Here's a picture of Herrerra, just in case you wanted him at United and have absolutely no idea what he looks like. 

I’m happy with what we’ve got. I’m willing to give Moyes a chance to prove himself before I start judging. Losing at Liverpool last weekend wasn’t as bad as some of you made it out to be. Missing out on Fabregas, Ozil, Khedira, Herrerra and all the other midfielders linked to us isn’t exactly the end of the world. We’ve got some excellent midfielders in Carrick, Kagawa and Fellaini. We’ve got a pretty decent back-up in Anderson and Cleverley. Valencia looks like he’s rediscovered his form that made him player of the year a couple of years ago and Moyes looks like he’s got confidence in Nani. So we’re pretty safe on the wings. Young, Zaha, Giggs and Januzaj are players capable of coming in if there are some injuries. Actually, I can’t wait to see Zaha and Januzaj in the Premier League.

At the front, a Rooney and RVP partnership should strike fear in any defender in the league. Our other strikers, Chicharito and Welbeck, will cause major headaches to any defense. On the other side, my confidence in our goalie has grown exponentially in the past couple of years while we’re pretty solid at the back.

If I look at media darlings and title favourites Chelsea, I can’t help but think that we’re better than them in attack and defence. They’re probably better in the midfield department. However, their midfielders are not really that much better than ours. Mata and Lampard aren’t exactly miles ahead of Fellaini and Carrick, even though I highly rate Mata. However, they do have more creative players and more depth in that area….much more depth.

So enough with Woodward, keep the faith, support the boys and, for the love of God, stop grumbling!


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