Liverpool 1 - 0 United

Jones(Valencia) Rio Vidic Evra
Young(Nani) Carrick Cleverley Giggs(Chicharito)
RVP Welbeck

I'm writing this post after reading a lot of facebook comments from the so-called Manchester United "die hard fans" and, well, I'm absolutely disgusted. Moyes was the butt of a lot of criticism and, to be honest, I was quite perplexed to see him start Giggs instead of a younger, fresher, player. I thought he was wrong to start the 39 year old. However, this wasn't a bad United performance. Scrap that, our players did much better than last year in the same fixture. We emerged victorious last year undeservedly and today we deserved a draw, at the very least. But that's football for you. Under Ferguson, since 2007, we played five games at Anfield, won once, drew once and lost the remaining (that's 3, if you're too lazy to subtract 2 from 5). Obviously, no one was directing sarcastic comments at Fergie and rightly so. Therefore, I can't see what's all the fuss about today. Yes, it hurts to get beaten by Liverpool but you've got to understand that we rarely beat them at Anfield and, in turn, they rarely beat us at OT. Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Tottenham will go there and drop points, I'm willing to bet on that. So it's definitely not the end of the world and anybody losing faith in Moyes and our boys so soon should support a team that has got it easy in their respective league. I'd suggest Bayern Munich, they're quite good, and Juventus, they're practically playing in a league of their own against a bunch of amateurs, week in, week out. If you don't like them two, there's always a safe bet in Barca. There's a fine line between criticism and absolutely stupid comments. 

So, what about the game? Liverpool started very well. Young conceded a needless corner and that, as it turned out, cost us the game. These tense games are usually decided by a mistake or a moment of brilliance and, today, Young's mistake proved to be our downfall. During the first half, there were times were we couldn't get hold of the ball. Liverpool were passing the ball around effortlessly. As I said last week, they've got an exceptional player in Coutinho. After the half hour mark, United started getting into the game and kept the same tempo until the 90th minute. We were in total control during the second half but our efforts in front of goal left a lot to be desired. Our problem, which was evident vs Chelsea as well, is that with Clevz and Carrick in midfield, we've got two defensive minded players. Carrick does provide that world class upfield pass every now and then but he's predominantly a defensive midfielder. It's very difficult to create chances with such players. Hopefully, by midnight tomorrow, we'll have a better option than Cleverley. He's good but he seldom creates decent chances.

On a positive note, it was good to see Young deliver some decent crosses. Nani had an impact when he came on while Valencia, in my opinion, was the man of the match. Not much to complain about and thus I won't be complaining. Ultimately, I'm not too worried about losing vs Liverpool. This is a very good Liverpool side, much better than Liverpool's sides who beat us convincingly at Anfield recently. I'd be more worried if my team lost vs. Cardiff. Let's support our boys and look ahead. Come the end of the season, we'll be up there challenging for the title. Don't get deceived by the league table at the moment. After all, no one wins a league in September. 


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