Rooney wants to leave.

On Monday most English newspapers shared a common header: Rooney set to leave United. At first, when I was reading the article of a particular tabloid, I thought it was one of those bullshit stories. One of those sensational stories these so called journalists make up so that their paper sells. However, when I read more and more articles from different tabloids, and saw that they all shared the same information, I really became confused. Suddenly the rumour that Rooney is unhappy at United was becoming more and more credible. I tried to convince myself that the papers were up to their usual bullshitting but deep down I had a gut feeling that Rooney was indeed unsettled at United.

I learned that Fergie was to address the media on Tuesday prior to the Champions League game on Wednesday. I knew he was going to be bombarded with questions about Rooney’s future therefore I was eager to learn what’s Fergie’s say on this issue. I honestly hoped that he’d tell the journalists present that Rooney was happy at the club and the recent disputes over his contracts were just minor hiccups that could be easily dealt with by the Club. Unfortunately, when I arrived home after my Principles of Finance lecture, I read about the truth and the truth was something that hurt me and is still hurting me now. Why on earth would a player like Rooney want to leave United after all that the Gaffer has done for him. He betrayed his former manager David Moyes and now he’s betraying the great Sir Alex Ferguson. Some might call Rooney a man with balls for going against Fergie and United, I call him a twat. Last year he exclaimed that he was at the best club in the world and wants to follow in Giggsy’s path. I, as well as most United fans, believed him. I thought he bled red, he bled United, the truth is that he bleeds green, and by green I mean greed for more cash.

Maybe I’m a bit harsh on Wayne, he doesn’t seem(or at least never seemed) to be a guy with greed for more money, maybe there’s someone behind his rapid change of heart. Rooney’s agent Stretford, a self proclaimed United fan, may be the evil mastermind behind all of this. He may have convinced Rooney that the grass is greener at other clubs. The agent wants more money and so does Rooney so the harsh truth that we may have to face is that Rooney will most probably end up at City. I can’t see, although I’d want to, Rooney heading to Spain for several reasons. Reason 1 : He can barely master the English language, let alone Spanish. Reason 2 : Coleen would rather stay in England because of her sick sister. Reason 3 : Spain. Rooney? NAH! Therefore City and possibly Chelsea are the only English teams who can afford him and it will really REALLY hurt if we ever see our beloved Rooney sporting their shirts.

We, I believe, are a club in decline. I do believe in Manchester United, I do believe in Ferguson but I don’t believe in the Glazers and at the moment they are the ones who really matter. The 80million from Ronaldo’s sale wasn’t used and I think the receives from Rooney’s sale won’t be used for a big signing. Wayne may have another sudden change of heart but, for me, our (United's) relationship with Roo is over. I already loathe him for being “adamant” to get out of OT. Rooney wants to leave, so let it be. He was my hero, I idolised him but now I’m just left with the bitter aftertaste of idolising a twat for 7 years. Hopefully he’ll head to Spain but that’s highly unlikely.

We loved you and that’s why we will hate you. Fuck off Roo!

Love United Hate Glazer.

United TILL I DIE.


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