Roo is staying.

This is what I said last Wednesday in my heartfelt post about Rooney's transfer request:

"Wayne may have another sudden change of heart but, for me, our (United's) relationship with Roo is over. I already loathe him for being “adamant” to get out of OT. Rooney wants to leave, so let it be. He was my hero, I idolised him but now I’m just left with the bitter aftertaste of idolising a twat for 7 years. Hopefully he’ll head to Spain but that’s highly unlikely.

We loved you and that’s why we will hate you. Fuck off Roo!"

Rooney had "another sudden change of heart" and to be honest I'm happy Rooney is staying but I won't take a word back of what I said on Wednesday. I do feel better but I expect an apology from Rooney. He played with our emotions. I had an awful week, after Fergie's press conference, for the sole reason that Rooney was my hero and his actions hurt me. When Ronaldo left United I said that I prefered losing Ronaldo than losing Rooney because the latter seemed to be a person who loves the club and wears the red shirt with pride. Wayne lost a high percentage of my respect when he cheated on his wife and then, after this week, I arrived at a point of hatrid towards this man.

The fact that the painful image of Rooney sporting a rival's shirt is now less probable, at least for a couple of seasons, is heart warming. To be honest I feel that I have just woken up from a really really bad dream but I just can't forget what Rooney said and what he has done during the past week. Then again I can't forget what he did to the club for the past 6 years or so therefore I'm more than willing to start forgiving Rooney. However, he must work really really hard before I can feel comfortable singing Rooney's name again.

I'm welcoming Roo back but he won't be regarded as my hero anytime soon. I'll stick to the real legends and real heros who put club interest before personal interest. I'll stick to idolising Giggsy, Scholesy, Gazza and the great SIR ALEX FERGUSON.


Anonymous said…
very well said. All hail the great Sir Alex Ferguson!

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