United 2 - 1 Arsenal

O'Shea Brown Vidic Evra
Valencia(Park) Carrick Fletcher Giggs(Berbatov) Nani

Although Sir Alex got his tactics horribly wrong, United still managed to win this tough game against a team which has been on fire since the start of the season. A goal from Rooney from the spot and a gift from Diaby were enough to overhaul Arsenal's first half lead. Foster who may have been at fault for Arsenal's first goal managed to pull a miraculous save on van Persie which kept United in the match and gave the necessary boost to his team mates who managed to play quite well during the final 30 minutes of the match.

It was a very bizarre match. The own goal by Diaby was very unusual, he seemed like he actually wanted to put the ball in the back of his keeper's net. The game also had quite a handful of yellow cards while Rooney managed to make a sliding tackle with his head! Yep you heard that right! At the end of the match Berbatov fluffed a very good chance to make it 3-1 and Arsenal managed to equalize thanks to van Persie but the assistant ref flagged for offside. Arsene Wenger who was still cheering his side's equalizer kicked a water bottle at the linesman when he realised the goal had been canceled and the ref sent Arsene Wenger off. Wenger, however, tried to stay in our lovely stadium by standing in the stands without having a seat (see picture below) but the ref kept insisting that the Gunners manager's ass wasn't allowed anywhere near the pitch. The scenes at the end of the match were quite hilarious to say the least!

Our man of the match was without any shadow of a doubt Darren Fletcher. The scot was everywhere! He really has improved during the last couple of seasons and today's performance was a proof of his improvement. Outstanding performance by Fletcher :)

All in all it was a 50/50 match, any team could have won and fortunately United were the team who got out of this fixture on top. My main concert is Chelsea. They seem to be too good to drop points while Liverpool have been dropping points for fun. Next: Tottenham. Tough fixture. I'd settle for a draw.
We gunned down the Gunners :) Well, actually, they gunned themselves down :P


Rite$h said…
Rooney and fletcher were in good form, cannot say so for Carrick though.
As for Arsene what a sense of humour he has, thankfully the fans didnt hit him and clapped instead in irony
Oliver said…
yes, actually they applauded him! He made my day, first cheering for a goal which wasn't and then standing there in the stands. I'm starting to respect the guy
Anonymous said…
I never thought I'd live the day I will say 'I love Wenger'

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