United 1 - 0 Birmingham

Fabio Evans(Brown) O'Shea Evra
Valencia Scholes Fletcher Nani(Giggs)
Berbatov(Owen) Rooney
I had been waiting for this match for quite a while now. I was excited and as I browsed through a couple of Man Utd related blogs and websites to get some info regarding today's match, my computer suddenly turned off and I realised that there was a power cut! It was about 2pm local time and I went to a nearby pub in hope that they will show United's game, but alas they didn't have a generator! Time was running out and my friends and I sought a club which had a generator and hence could show United's match live. Luckily the Universal bar provided just that and I was in time(well only 2mins late) to watch my beloved heroes start their title defence.

I expected a comfortable result but United only won thanks to a Rooney goal. In my opinion Rooney was the only player who really troubled Birmingham. He scored a good goal, had a couple of shots off target while goalie Hart saved 2 beautifully executed Rooney shots. He was our main man and I really have no idea how United could possibly cope should Rooney get injured, something that happens too often for my likeing.

United is not just about Rooney so let's talk about the other players. Foster, in my opinion, was excellent today. He made a couple of good interceptions and really looked like a man brimming with confidence. The back for, in the absence of Vida and Rio, did quite well. Valencia was OK while both Scholes and Fletcher played the ball well. Nani managed to assist Rooney but had to be replaced after half time. Berbatov tried to do something but failed. Owen who played for like 15 minutes could have scored a goal but fluffed his chance. Mind you, that fella does have potential, he managed to run clear of the back four twice in 15 minutes.

Anyway we managed to win the opener, something we didn't do for the last couple of years. Next match is vs Burnley. I expect a win. A 2-0 scoreline will do just fine :)

NB. Does anyone know why Carrick did not play today??


Anonymous said…
as far as i know carra is not injured
Anonymous said…
some website said he was rested, hope there's no injury
Oliver said…
I hope he didn't do something that pissed fergie!
Anonymous said…
i doubt it, he seems a decent man
STEVIE said…
carrick pissing fergie off? no way!

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