Burnley 1 - 0 United

Brown(Neville) Evans OShea Evra
Park Carrick Anderson(Valencia) Giggs
Owen(Berbatov) Rooney
So we have lost our 2nd game of the season and to be honest with you all, we didn't deserve to win because we didn't try to win. It was an awful performance and at the end Burnley were rewarded for working their socks off.

It's true that we always start the season a tad too slow but we shouldn't be losing such games against a club which was outclassed by Stoke last weekend. Anyway it just wasn't United's day. Carrick missed a penalty, Rooney lost his head, Park was absolutely crap, Fergie's tactics were laughable(how on earth can you win a game by putting a slow Gary Neville on the playing field instead of Brown?), Owen was poor and the rest of the players really didn't look like they wanted to win except for Giggs who tried to hurry United's play but to no avail.

Our next is away vs Wigan. A tough hurdle, I know, but we should win it. I still believe in our boys!

Bleak Day for Black United


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