Arsenal 2 - 1 United

Neville(Rafael) Rio Vida Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Anderson(Giggs) Park
Rooney(Tevez) Berbatov

Another match in which United dominated but couldn't score. We've experienced similar situations against Celtic and against Everton during the 1st Half. Let me point this out, it was one heck of a football match. Fast and free flowing, simply breathtaking, but those things don't seem to matter whenever your team loses the match. Arsenal scored 2 goals, the second a gem of a goal. The first was scored during a period when United were dominating and the other during the first minutes of the second half. Rafael who was called to replace Neville had an excellent game and scored a well taken goal too, just enough to spare United's blushes. I think Rafael should be given a chance because it's quite evident that Neville has become quite slow. On the whole United could have scored on several occasions especially through Rooney and Ronaldo who missed from ideal positions but at the end of the day United were just unlucky and I'm sure we'll bounce back.
I just hope its not too late to bounce back. 3 draws and 2 defeats in 11 matches. We've been waiting for our rivals to slip up but in reality we are slipping up. It's a fact that this year we have only gathered a point from a posible 9 against the other 3 teams froming the so called 'big four'. Last year we only lost once and drew once against a big gun. I have that feeling that this will be Chelsea's year. Neither us nor Arsenal have been consistent enough and I am sure Liverpool will soon turn into the typical Liverpool we have got used to seeing during the last decade.

OK now I just can't understand Fergie. Why on earth did he start with Neville against a team which is so fast. Anderson was by far the best player on the pitch, but why on earth did he replace Anderson with Giggs. He should have subbed Park with Nani. It's time he understands that these 'old boys' can't challenge players with so much pace like Arsenal's! And what about Berbatov? HE had another stinker. He lost possesion, slowed the game and practically didn't have much influence on the game as we would expect a 30million signing to have. I am still doubting Berba and I'm eagerly waiting for his revival. I want to see the Berbatov we got used to seeing when he played for Tottenham and Byern Leverkusen.



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