United 4 - 0 Kiev

Simpson Pique Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Fletcher Carrick Nani
Tevez Rooney

Another win in the Champions league, this win means United are through to the next round, as expected. Overall the game wasn’t as entertaining as I expected especially the first half. United got their noses in front through a Pique header followed by a Tevez goal. From then on it was a one horse race, if you can call it a race and United increased the tally to 4 goals by the end of the match. This time with Rooney and Ronaldo scoring.

The game started off slowly but United improved throughout the game and in fact both goals scored in the first half came in the last 15 minutes. Although we had a handful of corner kicks, shots on target by United were rare. In fact prior to the goal the only ‘decent’ shot on target was from Darren Fletcher, it barely reached the opposite goalkeeper never mind threatening his clean sheet. But alas, after half an hour United managed to score. Ronaldo's free-kick hit Carrick and then Tevez before Pique headed home at the back post. His first Champions League goal for United, and he deserves it! 5 minutes later it was another first in the Champions League, this time it was Tevez who wrote his name for the first time on a Champions League scoresheet.. Tevez ran at Dynamo's defence before playing a one-two with Rooney and lashing home. A classy goal, another reason why these two really could play together.

A couple of substitutions in the second half didn't dampen United, in fact the second half was more entertaining. United created more chances and Dynamo were dangerous at times. But United had to wait until the 76th minute to kill off the game. Rooney side-footed Nani's pin-points cross from the right into the net. Game over. Ronaldo later added salt on Dynamo’s wound by scoring what was the best goal of the night. A moment of genius by Ronaldo, and it was 4-0. If you didn’t watch the match, make sure you watch this goal. Words just cannot describe Ronaldo’s technique. Class.

So now we’re in the second phase for sure. Another cup off Fergie’s mind just until the second phase begins. This means United can now focus more on the Premier League, starting against Blackburn next Sunday. I must point out that both Simpson and Pique have impressed me today, as well as Kuschak. Having good second string players can only make us better! And we are getting better! Remember when United couldn't score more than 1 goal per match? Well now we seem to have got a new habit, that of scoring 4 goals…may this habit continues. Amen.

Come on You REDS!

Ratings : VDS-6, Simspon-7, Vidic-7, Pique-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-8, Fletcher-6, Carrick-7, Nani-7, Rooney-8, Tevez-8. (Kuschak-8, Evans-6, Saha-6)


Jiahao said…
Perhaps our current batch of young players can be the second batch of Fergie's Fledgings, huh?

Pique, Simpson..
Steve Red said…
I didnt watch dis match due to other commitments, but watched the highlights later. IMO all goals were class, except maybe that of pique since it was quite ordinary. I am quite pleased wit my beloved team right now. The s*** is that rooney is injured for a whole bloody month! just when he was hitting his peak! He's such an injury prone :( but i guess thats how football goes afterall. May we win tomorow, you know, we should not give blackburn any space, they are dangerous.
Come on you reds!
Oliver said…
yes Jiahao,
Pique and Simpson may be the second batch of Fergie's fledgings. But they could never match the class of '92. Butt, Scholes, Nevilles, Beckham. hehe You know wot i mean.
Meanwhile Stevie red, I'll have to agree, Rooney is an injury prone. We always moan about saha but rooney isn't any better. I hope the team continues to flow easily although without rooney. Saha is a fast player and a great player as well. His contributions will without a doubt be of great benefit to the team, but there again Saha is no rooney. That says alot.
Still we WILL win.
Come on UTD

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