Arsenal 2 - 2 United


United won a point at the Emirates, I’m trying to be positive, we didn’t lose 2 points because to be fair Arsenal were the better team throughout the match so the only team which should be disappointed is Arsenal. But then again we should be kicking ourselves for not keeping the goal advantage with a few minutes to go. United were ahead twice in the match, first after a goal by Wayne Rooney and then by a Ronaldo goal.

The first half didn’t live up to the expectations. Arsenal wanted to attack from the first seconds of the match but United’s rearguard was up for the threat posed by Arsenal and Owen Hargreaves impressed me. A couple of chances and yawns later United took the lead. Ronaldo's cross, after Brown had brushed off a weak Hleb, found Rooney at the near post. His flicked finish came off Gallas and beat a wrong footed Almunia. A goal at the right time, some would think, but it wasn’t to be…

The second half kicked off promisingly for United, but when the second half was 4 minutes old, Arsenal scored the equalizer. 1-1 and it was all to play for. Arsenal still looked more lively but when United attacked we looked threatening. But the game was decided in the last 10 minutes, just like last year, the difference is that United won a point this year. United took the lead again. Saha's brilliant ball played in Evra on the overlap and from his pull-back, Ronaldo was on hand to finish from close range. A classy goal, and I thought it was enough to win the match. But I was wrong again, Gallas scored after an almighty scramble in United's box. Unbelievable scenes. I gazed in disbelief, how on earth didn’t our defence defend that goal? Anyhow the match ended 2-2.

Just result? Unjust for Arsenal in my opinion. A point at the Emirates? I’ll take that any day. We’re still up there at the top of the table, maybe only until Arsenal play the game they have got in hand, but someday somehow they will lose a match and that's when we’ll take over the table. Until then I’ll just wait for Arsenal to slip and lose. I’ve been waiting for that from day one.

Our next match is home Vs Dinamo Kiev, obviously I expect nothing les than 3 points and a couple of goals. Meanwhile our next league game is home vs Blackburn.

Come On You Reds!!!
Ratings - VDS-7, Brown-7, Ferdinand-7, Vidic-7, Evra-6, Ronaldo-6, Anderson-7, Hargreaves-7, Giggs-5, Tevez-5, Rooney-7. (Oshea-6, Saha-6, Carrick-5)


Jiahao said…

Perhaps you are right by saying we didn't lose 2 points.

Arsenal might be the better team in possession and passes, but I do feel a little unjust as a Red Devil because the goals conceded were soft and clumsy. Our back yard had disappointed us once again.. leaving danger marksman Fabregas with acres of space. Instead of pressurising the Spaniard, Rio turned back and tried to do a 'Phil Neville'. What comedy!

Second goal conceded was more more more and more heartbreaking. With only 120 seconds left before final whistle is blown, we let the Gooners break into our goal again.

Nevertheless, Arsenal was indeed the livelier team. Their flow of play was superb, passes were neat and the players' position were world class.


Red Devils of Old Trafford
Stevie Red said…
I am happy with the result but we should have defended both goals easily...anyway lets learn from this experience

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