United 2 - 1 Sporting Lisbon

O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra
Ronaldo, Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher, Nani

So United is the only team not to drop any points in the Champions league, this shows how strong we are this year, in this competition. The game was decided in the second half when United turned a mediocre performance into a match worth watching. Sporting stunned Kuszchak after half an hour but Tevez levelled and Ronaldo eventually got the winner.

The first half performance was uninspiring, and United paid the price for this lacklustre performance when they went a goal down to Abel’s speculative shot. Kuszchak was caught out of his position. This performance was similar to the Bolton first half, so it was boring, even more boring than reading this blog.

Tevez and Giggs entered in the second half, two substitutions that turned the game upside down, and thanks to their bursting runs, United looked dangerous for the first time in this match and opportunities to level the score popped up abundantly. Eventually United levelled when Tevez deflected Ronaldo’s shot into the net. 1-1 and United seemed to be building confidence along the course of play (For Physics Students -> Confidence was proportional to Time) Hargreaves who replaced Saha should have scored, but it was Ronaldo who showed that sometimes he could really hit a decent freekick. It’s been a while since Ronaldo scored from a freekick. His stunning free-kick left Rui Patricio clutching at air! 2-1 was the final score.

Another 3 points, top of the group & no points dropped yet. We could and I believe we will, drop points when we play away vs Roma, but with all respect, Who Cares?
Now Utd must concentrate on the league and try to get back on track after the game vs Bolton. Our next hurdle is Fulham, they may be a though nut to crack but Rooney will be back. Wow that rhymes! Anyway as you can see I ran out of ideas and don’t know wot to say. All I know is that Tevez, Giggs and Ronaldo performed exceptionally well tonight and that makes me happy. I’m off to bed, for tomorrow I’ve got another day at school. Today’s first half was boring, don’t let me start telling you how much more boring a day at school is. Adios.

My Player Ratings – Kuz-7, O’Shea-6, Ferdinand-7, Vidic-7, Evra-7, Ronaldo-8, Anderson-7.5, Carrick-7.5, Fletcher-6, Nani-6, Saha-6 ( Tevez-8, Giggs-8, Hargreaves-7.5)


Stevie Red said…
No points dropped... that says alot innit

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