England Out

I know this blog is about United, but I'm an avid England fan so I just had to blog about the 3 lions. I had a feeling England were going to blow it, and I was right. They did blow their Euro qualifying dream, and in the most bizarre way. Some moments of 'brilliance' by Carson condemned England to an elimination from this tournament. I will surely feel the absence of England in the Euro's. I was happy that after my tense A Level exams I will have a tournament to enjoy, Euro 2008 minus England won't provide any excitement, at least to me.

I'd like to congratulate my friend Silvio, a true supporter who doesn't support teams with flair and superstars. He sides with Russia and my friends and I used to make fun of him, well I bet it's his turn to give us a taste of our own medicine.

Who will I support next summer? All the teams playing against the Italians. I just hate that team.
Over and Out. Just like England.

Still --- England Till I Die.


MC said…
"Who will I support next summer?"

France duh :p

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