Hull City 2 - 1 United (2 - 3 agg)

Darmian Smalling Jones Rojo
Herrera Carrick
Lingard(Rooney) Pogba Rashford

A very poor game by our players especially during the first half but at least they managed to get the job done...but only just. I had no doubt that United were going to Wembley but I didn't expect it to be such hard work to win the tie. I should learn that United never do it the easy way. The final 10 minutes were very uncomfortable. 

Very disappointed with most of our players. Darmian and Smalling were rubbish. Rojo is not a full-back and should play at centre-back with Jones. Since Smalling got back in the side, we look like conceding all the time. I'm a fan of Smalling but he's nowhere near his form last season. Mourinho should continue to trust in the Rojo-Jones partnership at the heart of our defence. 

Carrick was poor, again. Perhaps all the game time he's had recently has caught up on him. Pogba scored the goal that put us through to the final but that's about it. Lingard poor. Rashford tried hard but had no end product and didn't really cover for Rojo. Ibra was too isolated up front and only had one real chance. 

We would have been blown away if we were facing a better opponent. Our performance was that poor. This was the first loss in like 3 months so I won't complain too much but we can't play like this in the Premier League and expect to win. 

Hull were better than us but they were put back in the tie by the referee who awarded them a very very soft penalty. What annoyed me was that on the other side of the pitch, there was a case for a penalty for our side (albeit a soft one too) but the ref decided to overlook it. For the sake of consistency, the ref should have given us a penalty there. Neither of the two was a penalty but if you give a penalty to Hull for a shirt pull, then you should give a penalty to United for a push in the box. I've forgotten when we were last awarded a penalty. Oh well. 

So we've got a final to look forward to but our lacklustre performance has overshadowed what should be a celebratory night. I've just seen Carrick's interview and he definitely didn't look like a player who's just reached a cup final. This was probably the worst I've seen United play this season. 

Wigan next. Should win it.

PS. Well done to the Red Army. Our men of the match, no doubt. "Something tells me I'm in to something good..." ♪ ♫


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