United 0 - 1 Southampton

Darmian(McNair) Smalling Blind Borthwick-Jackson(Januzaj)
Shneiderlin Fellaini(Mata)
Lingard Herrera Martial

Piss poor. Embarrassing. 

I fell in love with the beautiful game because of the exciting football I've witnessed Manchester United play in the mid 90's. I don't really care about the 'big games', I don't really care about world cup finals and I don't really care about what's happening in other leagues around Europe. All I care about is Manchester United and I always look forward to my weekly dose of this great football club. 

Entertainment, excitement, belief that no matter how bad the score is, our players will bust a lung to make it right. But that's not happening at the moment. What I saw today was probably the most boring football game I've ever seen and, believe me, living on a small island with an amateur football league, I've seen a lot of shit games. We only had one shot on target and that was a speculative effort from Blind which was never troubling the keeper. That's two shots on target in two games. How's that for exciting football?! 

The gap between our midfielders and strikers was so wide and evident. I don't know how LVG doesn't realize. You'll never manage to build attacks with such a big gap. There was no connection and Southampton didn't really break a sweat to beat us today. We were that poor. We were also quite poor vs. Liverpool last Sunday but I'd expect such a performance in a hostile ground against one of your bitter rivals but not today. Certainly not. We were playing at Old Trafford for Christ's sake. The football was so boring yet I lived in hope of seeing a bit of action that'll get me off my chair. That bit of action never came. We were dreadful. Shambolic. You can't defend that performance and it is now more obvious than ever that LVG's time is really up. 

The fans booed LVG off the pitch. Personally I don't agree with booing anyone of our team. If he's part of the United family then he shouldn't be subject to such a humiliating send off. However, our fans have every right to boo the manager. They  spend their money to see some good football yet they've been subjected to one dire performance after another for the most part of LVG's tenure. Our wins haven't really been convincing and our losses have come without us putting on a real fight. 

I felt sorry for LVG when he was walking to the tunnel. But it is time to stop this nonsense and admit that his time is up. It didn't work and it will not work. Not even if we get Messi and Ronaldo up front and Jesus Christ in midfield. No one will be able to manage to save LVG's season at the helm of Manchester United.

The question remains though; who should replace LVG? At the moment anyone will do. I don't care about wins or losses. I don't care about championships or Champions League spots. All I want to see is some real, eye-pleasing, football. I want to start enjoying my weekly 90 minutes of Manchester United again. 


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