Derby 1 - 3 United

Late late late post but I was busy doing my MBA exams. I had an exam the day after this game so to be fair my mind wasn't really focused on what our players were doing, I was actually thinking about entrepreneurship and strategy. 

I did watch some of the game, of course. It was a pretty good performance but we were only playing Derby County so we shouldn't get carried away. The last time they recorded a win was six Championship games ago. They're 5th though so they must be half decent. 

I was particularly impressed with Varela and Borthwick Jackson. They're young and under immense pressure to win games and they managed to put in a performance like that. They do need to bulk up if they want to make it at Manchester United but last Friday's performance was very promising. But I've seen a lot of academy players who had good performances with the senior squad and are now plying their trade in the Championship and League 1. It's been a while since I've seen one of our products actually make it. We all thought Januzaj made it in Moyes' season but he hasn't done anything great since then. 

Martial was definitely my man of the match. Excellent performance that would've been great had he made some better decisions when he was near the box. He does so much good work on the wing but then runs into dead ends. There were a few times when he could've squared the ball but failed to do so. Thankfully he did square the ball near the end of the game and Mata managed to finish it. I just can't wait to see Martial in two years time. I just hope he'll still be wearing United's red! Man of the match.

Rooney also had a good game. He's had a great 2016 so far! He took his goal excellently and simply ran after every ball. I still don't know why he doesn't attempt more shots from outside the box. He's got the ability to finish them. Sometimes it feels like he wants to pass the ball over the line instead of pulling the trigger. Just shoot it like you used to do when you were 18, Roo! 

Good to be in the next round of the FA Cup. Perhaps our only chance of silverware. We're playing Shrewsbury. Don't ask me where's this town but once I managed this same team to a league win in Championship Manager. I got fired after a few games though. There were planes flying banners with "Oliver Out" over Shrewsbury's stadium and boos and all that. Difficult time it was. 

Stoke next. 


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