Newcastle 3 - 3 United

A late post having skipped my usual post-game posting for the Sheffield United game. I slept during that game and only woke up two days later. Jokes aside, I've been really busy with trying to juggle a full-time job, a part-time job and my master's exams which will start this Saturday.

I've obviously had enough time to watch United's game during this busy period. We should have won today's game. 2-0 leading and blowing that lead away, then going back in front only to concede a last 90th minute equaliser; it was painful to watch but I got a bit thrilled by some of our attacking football. Ok, nothing earth shattering but some of our attacks were actually quite good. Problem is that this team cannot defend and attack at the same time. This week we're defending and being absolutely useless up front and next week we are capable of being good, not great, going forward and then play like a bag of shite at the back. 

Should have won today's game. Lingard should have sealed it at 2-1. Then Fellaini should have won it at 3-2. Great game for Rooney, he's got a lot of stick this season but has actually been fairly good during the past 3 weeks. Memphis also had an influence on the game, just like vs Sheffield, and that is nice to see. Smalling was shocking though, that's a tad disappointing from our best outfield player this season. 

Anyway, off to study. I'll post after the Liverpool game.


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