United 3 - 3 Basel

Fabio(Nani) Jones Rio Evra
Valencia Carrick Anderson(Berbatov) Young
Giggs(Park) Welbeck

Evra attacked but was caught upfield a couple of times by Basel's fast counter attacks

After the first 20 minutes, I never expected to be writing the above scoreline. We gave away a two goal advantage and that just ain't the Manchester United way. Welbeck scored two in quick succession but Basel stunned us with 3 goals in the second half. Thankfully Young headed home to spare our blushes.
To be honest with you I expected a win, a large win to be precise. However, most of the players simply switched off after the second goal and Basel looked very threatening when attacking. 

Our players deserve a hairdryer treatment from Fergie because such results are not acceptable. If I'm not mistaking, during last season's Champions League campaign, before the final, we conceded less goals than this year. That says a lot. Anyway, a draw isn't as chaotic as the loss which was looming large. I'm sure we'll be much better once all our injured players are back but lets be thankful we faced the minnows of Basel tonight rather than a stronger team. Our impressive unbeaten run at home would have come to an abrupt end. Next Norwich. I expect a big win. 


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