Games vs Benfica, Chelsea & Leeds

So as I told you in my most recent post, I was going to be abroad for the fore-mentioned here's a recap of what I thought about the games.

vs Benfica
I was in Amsterdam when this game was being played. Luckily there are a lot of sport pubs in this city but unfortunately Ajax were playing Lyon at the same time as United. Therefore all pubs were airing this game instead of United's. However, I did manage to find a bar which showed United's game but only found this bar when the game was 10 minutes shy of the final whistle. I have watched the highlights and loved Giggsy's super goal. All in all an away draw at Benfica is not a bad result.

vs Chelsea
I watched this game at a pub in Berlin. I'm not so sure whether we played that well during this game. Chelsea were very wasteful in front of goal and had they taken their chances, the game could have well ended in a draw or a loss for us. But that didn't happen and a 3-1 result is an excellent result. Nani scored an absolute scorcher while Smalling and Rooney scored the other two. We're still unbeaten in the league while the other big guns slipped in some way or another. Excellent weekend.

vs Leeds
No pub in Berlin aired this game so I had to make do with mobile updates from my friend's dad. I have since watched the highlights. Owen's goals were superbly taken and Giggsy rolled back the years with another good goal. There were a couple of youngsters who were given their first senior start and that's always a good sign. As the SKY commentator said after the game, the future looks very bright for United! I'd also like to condemn the irresponsible behavior of a few idiots who took an 'Istanbul' banner at Elland Road. May they be banned for life.

Looking Forward
Our next game is away to Stoke. It will be a difficult match and I've got a tingly feeling that we might drop our first points this weekend. I won't be watching the game live since I have other priorities with my local football team, however, I will be updating this blog very shortly after the game. United till I die!


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