England 0 - 0 Algeria

England didn't deserve to win and, well, they didn't. Our players played like crap during the whole 90 minutes. Yes, even my favourite player, Wayne Rooney, played like an amateur. The players certainly don't look like they give a damn about the shirt they're wearing. It's either that or these players are crumbling under the pressure.

I thought England played well vs USA but yesterday's game was an absolute horror show. A real heart tester. I just can't understand what happened to these players. 6 months ago they looked unbeatable. I actually thought we had a decent chance to win the World Cup, but now we are risking not making it through the group stage.

Our next match is vs Slovenia. It's a MUST WIN, and yes, I still believe in our Lions, even though they looked like kittens vs Algeria. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!


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