Everton 3 - 1 United

Neville Brown Evans Evra
Valencia Carrick Fletcher Park(Obertan)
Berbatov(Scholes) Rooney

Most United fans were still celebrating Berbatov's early goal when Everton equalised. Everton never looked back from that point on and two excellent young talents scored two more goals late in the second half. In my opinion Everton deserve this win. I think United had more possession but Everton were more threatening up front.

Rooney was not at his best today. He had an off day and I think that was the main reason why United had an off day. It seems that if Wayne doesn't play well, the whole team fails to do something. Our defenders were horrendous at times. They were all over the place. Carrick didn't have the best of games either. When Everton scored the third goal he was slowly jogging back towards Rodwell, the player who scored the third. Overall it was a poor performance and I think Fergie's substitutions weren't clever ideas either.

We lost an opportunity to go on top of the league but, to be honest, today, we never deserved to win and that's the reason why we did not leapfrog Chelsea. There are 11 matches remaining and anything can happen but I think our title challenge has taken a huge dent. Let's hope Chelsea slip at the Molineux...


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