Aston Villa 1 - 1 United

Rafael Brown Evans Evra
Nani(s/o) Carrick Scholes(Valencia) Fletcher Giggs(Berbatov)

If it wasn't for a clumsy challenge by Nani, which earned him a red card, I think we would have won this match for the simple reason that we played for an hour with 10 men and we still were the better side and the only side who looked like scoring the winner. Anyway the winner did not come and we dropped 2 points today. Our only goal was scored by Mr. Own Goal, yep, 'he' scored again! What a signing!

Nani's sending off was a bit dubious. Ok, I know, I may be wearing the red spectacles, but let's face it, we've seen worse fouls getting unpunished. I guess a yellow card would have been appropriate. I hope Nani's recent resurgence and morale boosting performances don't get undone by that challenge. He'll miss 3 PL games but there's the Milan game in which he'll undoubtedly feature.

Anyway 2 points dropped or one point gained? Time will tell.


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