Liverpool 2 -1 United

Brown Rio Vida Evra
Anderson Scholes Carrick
Rooney Berbatov Tevez

"Ok, we will lose this match" That's what I murmered to myself when we scored after 3 minutes. United, like Berbatov, started brightly but faded throughout the first half. In fact during the second half I kept asking myself, 'Did SAF replace Berba?' He was completely out of the match! But it was his first game with United and I believe he didn't train an awful lot with his new team mates so let's just give the man a chance, afterall he did supply Tevez with a fine assist after 3 minutes.

United committed TWO many mistakes. No, I don't have a spelling mistake. Out of all mistakes United committed, two of them cost us the game. When VDS punched the ball against Brown, with the latter committing an own goal and the mistake by Giggs when he tried to shield the ball into a goal kick when he could have just cleared it into a corner.

September the 13th was surely an awful day for United. Carrick got injured, Nemanja sent off and the worst of all, losing against the Scouse for the first time in 4 years. Let them celebrate but it's too early to be opening champagne bottles, United had gathered 2 points last year after 3 matches and went on to win the league. This year we managed to get 4 points, I'll take last year's success any time, even if we have to lose against Liverpool at anfield!
Final Verdict, United just weren't good enough after the 20 minute mark. Liverpool deserve this win. Their second most glorious moment in the last 17 years, just behind winning the Champions League.


Anonymous said…
how stupid scouse fans are... they celebrated their win over us as if they've already won the league!!! In Maltese they say KEMM TARAW KBIR!!!!!! the race is till the end, utd always start slowly cause WE NEVER MAKE IT EASY FOR OURSELVES. I'd like to see scouse fans when they end up not fighting for the league yet again... But that doesn't matter... they've FORGOTTEN what it's like to win the premiership cause they've never won it. So scousers... keep on dreaming about the good old days when you won 18 league titles cause we're reaching you. SAF is the genius of fotball, he's bringing you down!!!

Stevie Red said…
Them scouse bastards are funny. They celebrated as if they had just won the league. Arsenal did the same thing last season when they managed to get a draw against us at the Emerites. Everyone remembers were they ended and i hope come the end of the league Liverpool will end in the same old 4th place.
Oliver said…
Thanks for posting your comments Anon and Stevie. Well yeah the liverpool fans think they won the league and yes 'qed jaraw kbir' , but when you see their fans and players celebrate like that it just confirms what a BIG team United is.

But let's face it, it was a disappointing result, hope we'll do better vs Villareal and eventually vs Chelsea. UTDTILLIDIE

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