Tuesday, November 27, 2007

United 2 - 1 Sporting Lisbon

O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra
Ronaldo, Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher, Nani

So United is the only team not to drop any points in the Champions league, this shows how strong we are this year, in this competition. The game was decided in the second half when United turned a mediocre performance into a match worth watching. Sporting stunned Kuszchak after half an hour but Tevez levelled and Ronaldo eventually got the winner.

The first half performance was uninspiring, and United paid the price for this lacklustre performance when they went a goal down to Abel’s speculative shot. Kuszchak was caught out of his position. This performance was similar to the Bolton first half, so it was boring, even more boring than reading this blog.

Tevez and Giggs entered in the second half, two substitutions that turned the game upside down, and thanks to their bursting runs, United looked dangerous for the first time in this match and opportunities to level the score popped up abundantly. Eventually United levelled when Tevez deflected Ronaldo’s shot into the net. 1-1 and United seemed to be building confidence along the course of play (For Physics Students -> Confidence was proportional to Time) Hargreaves who replaced Saha should have scored, but it was Ronaldo who showed that sometimes he could really hit a decent freekick. It’s been a while since Ronaldo scored from a freekick. His stunning free-kick left Rui Patricio clutching at air! 2-1 was the final score.

Another 3 points, top of the group & no points dropped yet. We could and I believe we will, drop points when we play away vs Roma, but with all respect, Who Cares?
Now Utd must concentrate on the league and try to get back on track after the game vs Bolton. Our next hurdle is Fulham, they may be a though nut to crack but Rooney will be back. Wow that rhymes! Anyway as you can see I ran out of ideas and don’t know wot to say. All I know is that Tevez, Giggs and Ronaldo performed exceptionally well tonight and that makes me happy. I’m off to bed, for tomorrow I’ve got another day at school. Today’s first half was boring, don’t let me start telling you how much more boring a day at school is. Adios.

My Player Ratings – Kuz-7, O’Shea-6, Ferdinand-7, Vidic-7, Evra-7, Ronaldo-8, Anderson-7.5, Carrick-7.5, Fletcher-6, Nani-6, Saha-6 ( Tevez-8, Giggs-8, Hargreaves-7.5)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bolton 1 - 0 United

Brown Ferdinand Pique Evra
Nani Hargreaves Carrick Giggs
Tevez Saha

United lost this match to cap a disastrious week, in terms of Football. After the England elimination this is the last thing I wanted, a loss against a team in the bottom half of the table. I didn't get to watch all the match since I was fairly busy but from what I have seen in the 1st half, United's attack minus Ronaldo and Rooney, is mediocre. To make matters worse Vidic is out injured too and it was his replacement, Pique, who must take responsibility for Bolton's goal.

The 1st half, well United did nothing during this half. One of the worst performances this season. United didn't worry the Bolton goalkeeper, and the United defence looked a bit rusty during parts of the game. First half ended 1-0 and that's all I watched from this game due to other priorities.

I can't comment on the second half, but from what I've heard and read United were more adventurous and could have at least sealed a point on a couple of occasions.
All in all it was a disappointing performance which really makes me wonder, is this team just about Rooney and Ronaldo? Can we cope without them? From what I've seen, NO we can't live without these two. Therefore I hope they are back as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

England Out

I know this blog is about United, but I'm an avid England fan so I just had to blog about the 3 lions. I had a feeling England were going to blow it, and I was right. They did blow their Euro qualifying dream, and in the most bizarre way. Some moments of 'brilliance' by Carson condemned England to an elimination from this tournament. I will surely feel the absence of England in the Euro's. I was happy that after my tense A Level exams I will have a tournament to enjoy, Euro 2008 minus England won't provide any excitement, at least to me.

I'd like to congratulate my friend Silvio, a true supporter who doesn't support teams with flair and superstars. He sides with Russia and my friends and I used to make fun of him, well I bet it's his turn to give us a taste of our own medicine.

Who will I support next summer? All the teams playing against the Italians. I just hate that team.
Over and Out. Just like England.

Still --- England Till I Die.

Monday, November 12, 2007

United 2 - 0 Blackburn

Line Up:
Brown Rio Vida Evra
Ronaldo Anderson Hargreaves Giggs
Tevez Saha

Although Blackburn were on a good run of form, losing only once this season, I was quite optimistic about this match. I was certain that United minus Rooney could win this match, and indeed I was right. Ronaldo scored 2 goals in the first half to hand Man Utd a deserved win over the Rovers.

During the first half United tried to attack but Blackburn defended whole heartedly, infact it was until the 30 minute mark when United broke the deadlock. Ronaldo, whose cross-shot had forced a corner, rose powerfully to meet Giggs' corner and headed the ball to the back of the net. Seconds later it was 2-0. Saha released Tevez and he played a perfect ball across the box for Ronaldo, who steered his shot back across Friedel. 2-0 at half time.

The second half started and I really thought more goals were to follow the previous 2, but for once I was wrong. Blackburn came out quite aggressively but their hopes of getting something out of this match were shortly diffused by the sending off of Dunn. From then on United tried to attack and created some great chances but the Blackburn defence wasn’t in the mood of conceding more and the match ended 2-0.

It wasn’t an entertaining match in my opinion. Rooney was missed and his replacement Saha was off the pace. He didn’t play well, but I don’t blame him. He only played because Rooney is injured and we have no more decent attackers. It will take some time till we see Saha at his best again. Defensively we were spot on. The midfielders had a good game too especially Ronaldo whose confidence rose sky high after his goals. Giggs showed glimpses of genius and Blackburn had to foul him, to stop him. Meanwhile Tevez worked hard up front and deserves full credit for his performance. All in all we got another 3 points and we are on top of the League. Maybe only until Arsenal play Reading on Monday. I feel Arsenal could drop some points away to Reading.

Our next match is in a fortnight away to Bolton, a win is expected but there won’t be Rooney banging any hat tricks like he did last year at the Reebok Stadium. I hope Saha gets back to his formal best so we’ll kill of a pretty weak Bolton side. Until then I’ll be supporting the 3 lions. Only a win will do for England, I just can’t picture a EURO2008 without England. I began supporting England and Utd in 96, since then England hasn’t missed out on a single tournament so it will be a first for me not witnessing England in a major Tournament. Oh well it would decrease the possibility of me having a heart attack. I always feel as if my heart will stop during major football matches were England or Utd are involved.

Ratings – VDS-7, Brown-8, Ferdinand-7, Vidic-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-9, Anderson-7, Hargreaves-8, Giggs-7, Tevez-7, Saha-6. (Carrick-6, Nani-6)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

United 4 - 0 Kiev

Simpson Pique Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Fletcher Carrick Nani
Tevez Rooney

Another win in the Champions league, this win means United are through to the next round, as expected. Overall the game wasn’t as entertaining as I expected especially the first half. United got their noses in front through a Pique header followed by a Tevez goal. From then on it was a one horse race, if you can call it a race and United increased the tally to 4 goals by the end of the match. This time with Rooney and Ronaldo scoring.

The game started off slowly but United improved throughout the game and in fact both goals scored in the first half came in the last 15 minutes. Although we had a handful of corner kicks, shots on target by United were rare. In fact prior to the goal the only ‘decent’ shot on target was from Darren Fletcher, it barely reached the opposite goalkeeper never mind threatening his clean sheet. But alas, after half an hour United managed to score. Ronaldo's free-kick hit Carrick and then Tevez before Pique headed home at the back post. His first Champions League goal for United, and he deserves it! 5 minutes later it was another first in the Champions League, this time it was Tevez who wrote his name for the first time on a Champions League scoresheet.. Tevez ran at Dynamo's defence before playing a one-two with Rooney and lashing home. A classy goal, another reason why these two really could play together.

A couple of substitutions in the second half didn't dampen United, in fact the second half was more entertaining. United created more chances and Dynamo were dangerous at times. But United had to wait until the 76th minute to kill off the game. Rooney side-footed Nani's pin-points cross from the right into the net. Game over. Ronaldo later added salt on Dynamo’s wound by scoring what was the best goal of the night. A moment of genius by Ronaldo, and it was 4-0. If you didn’t watch the match, make sure you watch this goal. Words just cannot describe Ronaldo’s technique. Class.

So now we’re in the second phase for sure. Another cup off Fergie’s mind just until the second phase begins. This means United can now focus more on the Premier League, starting against Blackburn next Sunday. I must point out that both Simpson and Pique have impressed me today, as well as Kuschak. Having good second string players can only make us better! And we are getting better! Remember when United couldn't score more than 1 goal per match? Well now we seem to have got a new habit, that of scoring 4 goals…may this habit continues. Amen.

Come on You REDS!

Ratings : VDS-6, Simspon-7, Vidic-7, Pique-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-8, Fletcher-6, Carrick-7, Nani-7, Rooney-8, Tevez-8. (Kuschak-8, Evans-6, Saha-6)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Arsenal 2 - 2 United


United won a point at the Emirates, I’m trying to be positive, we didn’t lose 2 points because to be fair Arsenal were the better team throughout the match so the only team which should be disappointed is Arsenal. But then again we should be kicking ourselves for not keeping the goal advantage with a few minutes to go. United were ahead twice in the match, first after a goal by Wayne Rooney and then by a Ronaldo goal.

The first half didn’t live up to the expectations. Arsenal wanted to attack from the first seconds of the match but United’s rearguard was up for the threat posed by Arsenal and Owen Hargreaves impressed me. A couple of chances and yawns later United took the lead. Ronaldo's cross, after Brown had brushed off a weak Hleb, found Rooney at the near post. His flicked finish came off Gallas and beat a wrong footed Almunia. A goal at the right time, some would think, but it wasn’t to be…

The second half kicked off promisingly for United, but when the second half was 4 minutes old, Arsenal scored the equalizer. 1-1 and it was all to play for. Arsenal still looked more lively but when United attacked we looked threatening. But the game was decided in the last 10 minutes, just like last year, the difference is that United won a point this year. United took the lead again. Saha's brilliant ball played in Evra on the overlap and from his pull-back, Ronaldo was on hand to finish from close range. A classy goal, and I thought it was enough to win the match. But I was wrong again, Gallas scored after an almighty scramble in United's box. Unbelievable scenes. I gazed in disbelief, how on earth didn’t our defence defend that goal? Anyhow the match ended 2-2.

Just result? Unjust for Arsenal in my opinion. A point at the Emirates? I’ll take that any day. We’re still up there at the top of the table, maybe only until Arsenal play the game they have got in hand, but someday somehow they will lose a match and that's when we’ll take over the table. Until then I’ll just wait for Arsenal to slip and lose. I’ve been waiting for that from day one.

Our next match is home Vs Dinamo Kiev, obviously I expect nothing les than 3 points and a couple of goals. Meanwhile our next league game is home vs Blackburn.

Come On You Reds!!!
Ratings - VDS-7, Brown-7, Ferdinand-7, Vidic-7, Evra-6, Ronaldo-6, Anderson-7, Hargreaves-7, Giggs-5, Tevez-5, Rooney-7. (Oshea-6, Saha-6, Carrick-5)