United 0 - 0 Reading

With all the big guns winning their respective matches, we lost 2 important points, which come May, could be vital. As my friend Karan predicted, United played as follows:

brown vida rio silvestre
ronnie carrick scholesy evra
rooney giggs
In my opinion United played quite well, we just couldn't score which was really frustrating. In the first half we attacked with all our available weapons but we just couldn't get past a really stubborn Reading defence. To make matters worse Rooney got injured and had to be replaced by Nani in the second half, thus having to play without a natural striker for a whole half. This really showed in our finishing which was quite poor. We had lots of goal attempts but due to the poor finishing, they were barely threatening, except for a Giggs freekick, and another by Ronaldo who finally managed to hit the target from a freekick, instead of the wall or fans behind the goal.

As we attacked relentlessly, Van Der Sar literally basked in the sun, doing nothing but waiting patiently for our makeshift attacking front to deliver. But it was of no avail, it just wasn't our day. When Kitson was sent off for Reading, I really thought that it would be our turning point and take advantage of the situation, but the Reading players defended as if their lifes depended on this game. Well they got their reward, a priceless point at Old Trafford, something a few teams succeed in doing.

Most probably Rooney won't play next Wednesday since he fractured a bone in his foot so we really depend on Tevez, and I hope Giggs and Evra get back where they belong, in the Midfield and Defence respectively. Last season we lost away to Portsmouth, I just hope history won't repeat itself!

To sum it all up, I feel that my beloved team didn't meet my expectations, yet I still believe we have a squad capable of winning what our hearts desire i.e. Premiership and Champ's League :D

I'll blog again after the Pompey match. Come On You Reds!!!

Over and Out.

N.B. My Player Ratings : VDS - 5, Brown - 7, Ferdinand-5, Vidic-6, Silvestre-5, Ronaldo-7, Carrick-7, Scholes-6, Evra-5, Rooney-7, Giggs-7. Subs : Nani-7, O'Shea-6, Fletcher-5.


karan said…
yeah..a bad result..i agree..but i think this could serve us really wel..rem last yr v were winnin al games n went to fratton park n wer beaten..3 seasons bak..v lost 2..im sure tevez has got to play..nani should start as silvestre was pathetic..hopefully..saha on da bench..this is wen v really need him..
Oliver said…
Hey Karan,
I don't think Silvestre played so badly, yet evra should play in that position. We really need OLE and Saha, and yeah we will cope without Wayne. Pity we sold rossi and smith, they would have become handy
karan said…
yeah oliver..he may not hav been dat bad..but whod u rather hav..!? i think v shud v play a 4-4-1-1..
brown rio vida evra
ronnie scholes carrick giggs
i think this wil work.nani as v saw is really quick n has a fierce shot..he can keep changin positions wit ronnie or giggs..it wd terrorise pompey..
Andrew said…
Yeah Karan, i think that would work, well hate it or love it we could only play with that formation since we have no fit attackers, unless ferguson decides to use Giggs as an atacker. I just hope we win, and Pompey wouldn't be as stubborn as reading. We'll just wait and see. Keep this blog goin my friend
Andrew Utd4lyfe
Jiahao said…
I agree with Karan. Nani, Ronnie and Giggs can interchange their positions throughout the match and keep Pompey's players blur.

-The Mission Continues-

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