Goodbye OLE

He has finally given up, the knee injury that has deteriorated Ole's last 3 years has won him over and bullied him out of football. Ole decided to retire from being a professional footballer today, leaving grief amongst TRUE UNITED FANS, as if someone actually died. I know i'm sad right now, another of my United heros won't play again in a United shirt, unless Man Utd decide to set up a deserved testimonial match for Solskjaer. He will most probably stay with the club though as he will most probably be given the role of a youth coach, but playing for United, he will never be seen doing again.

Having joined United way back in 1996, when I was begining to develop this craze about football and United, Solskjaer scored almost 130 goal, with the most famous one being that scored against Byern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final. He will always be remembered for winning us the Champions League as his goal was scored in the dieing seconds of the match. Whenever I watch the replay of that goal, it sends shivers down my spine, and the words "And Solskjaer Has Won It" still echo in my head. Whenever I watched United with Maltese commentary, I remember every commentator messing up Solskjaer's name since it's not that easy to pronounce. How they used to pronounce it is quite funny actually. Last year he scored 11 goals from 14 starts which is quite good given the fact that he was never 100% fit. He entered United's history and thus his name will be IMMORTAL. A true, honest, unselfish team player is now gone, long be remebered his name. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer we salute you.

From the Start till the End he scored GOALS...

"Your are my Solskjaer, my only Solskjaer, You make me happy when skies are grey, coz Alan Shearer was f**kin dearer, Please don't take my Solskjaer away"


George S said…
Ole we salute you. A true footballer.
Stevie Red said…
Never stayed in the limelight, wasn't a prima donna, yet we loved him. Ole we salute you.
Lucas said…
We will miss him a lot! But his name will be sung from the stands at OT for many more years to come.
GG said…
ole he is a true footballer, you find few plaqyers like him!!

although he was injured for a long time the manager have kept faith in him and he always kept faith in manchester united not like ohter players ex heinze.
He should've retired at the end of the season. I hope he will stille be a conected toUnited.

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