United 1 - 0 City, United 0 - 0 Burnley

I was at Old Trafford for both matches. These were the 7th and 8th games I've watched at Old Trafford and, despite the frustration experienced during the Burnley game, I just feel like going there more and more. Travelling from Malta to watch a Manchester United game is anything but cheap but I simply love the matchday experience; from waking up early all excited for the game to the walk back home after the game while talking about what happened during the match. Obviously, the post-match walk is more enjoyable after a win but it is even more interesting after a poor result as you'd hear thousands of people explaining to their mates what they would have done if they were Mourinho. 

The last time I was at Old Trafford I experienced two defeats so this was a bit of an improvement, even though the Burnley draw felt like a loss. On Wednesday, after a few beers and chants at the Bishop Blaize, my friend and I headed to the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand to watch the famous Man Utd. As you'd expect in a derby game, the atmosphere was brilliant but the meat pie I ate during half time was probably more interesting than the first half performance by both teams. Our play did improve during the second half as Mata scored the all important goal. It's great to win against City but they didn't really field their full team, did they?

The game vs Burnley was sooooooo frustrating. It's been a while since I've seen United create so many chances. Some of our misses were shocking and when we got it right we found an inspired Tom Heaton in goal. Zlatan missed a sitter and so did Roo. We were all over Burnley and I thought it was only a matter of time before we scored. Unfortunately, Herrera was sent off for slipping into a player and I that's when I knew it was not going to be our day. Our day it certainly wasn't as Burnley managed to hold out for a draw and ruined a pretty good Saturday in Manchester.

Anyway, I was quite high up SAF stand and I could see the whole pitch. I was very very very impressed with Mata's work rate and extremely disappointed with Ibra who walked throughout both games. His effort is zero and some of his passing was awful. I am not sure whether he understands that he's not bigger than Man Utd. At the moment he's only playing because of his name, definitely not because of his performances. 

P.S Rojo was surprisingly good vs. City. I am still impressed haha. 
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