United 2 - 0 Crystal Palace

Valencia Smalling Bling Darmian
Schneiderlin Rooney(Fellaini)
Lingard(Memphis) Mata Martial

That was a very good performance against a side that was pathetic on the night. During the past three years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen De Gea have absolutely nothing to do. Today, he didn’t have a save to make. That could be either because our defence was great or because Palace were shit up front. I’m not saying our defenders didn’t do well by Palace’s lone striker was too distant from their midfield and that was probably the biggest reason why DDG could have stayed at home. It also helped that we were ahead in the first five minutes.

Darmian created a goal and scored an absolute stunner. For the first one he crossed a decent ball into the box and Delaney tried to save the day by clearing the ball......into his own net. Going up after a few minutes obviously helps and we looked very confident on the ball. BUT, as usual, some of our players were caught between two minds when in the final third. Should I shoot or pass? Unfortunately, our players made the wrong decision when in an ideal position. That has been our downfall this season at the front; we do very well to get in a decent position and then fail to do the right thing. That’s why we’ve recorded our lowest total of shots on target in a season and we’re about to set a record of the least goals scored in a PL season.

As I said, our second was brilliant. The execution was perfect and hitting the post before rocketing into the net probably made the goal more pleasing to the eye. Well done Darmian. All I ask from our Italian is more consistency because I think he’s a decent player.

The player I was mostly impressed with was Valencia. He bombed forward whenever he had the chance a created a chance or two. The Valencia that showed up for this game was close to the Valencia that we saw during his first season or two at United.

Rashford did well. Martial had an off day. Rooney looks good in a midfield position. He’s definitely one of our best players when it comes to passing. Schneiderlin was poor. Lingard should have scored after being set up by Rashford. Smalling and Blind looked very comfortable. Good performance but I think we should've scored more.

Everton next. This is probably the best time to play them, they’re down  especially after their derby humiliation. Also, they haven't won any of their last 6 games. I'm feeling pretty confident but in football you never know.... 

Come on United!


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