Midtjylland 2 - 1 United

From bad to worse. We’ve stooped to a level that was unthinkable three years ago. Yes, we have injuries but who the fuck cares. We should be swatting these kinds of teams aside, no matter who’s playing in our starting XI. A team that boasts the likes of Martial, Mata, Herrera and Memphis should be running riot up front. Yet, we were tame and can count ourselves lucky not to concede more goals. Sergio Romero produced two stunning saves that even David De Gea would have been proud of.

How did we get here? Lack of planning. We’ve got a bunch of directors who are great at marketing the club but absolutely inept when it comes to football matters. We are not a cash cow, we are a football team. I don’t care which pot noodle company has decided to sponsor us, I just want to see our beloved United play football that’s worthy of this huge football club.

Manchester United is there to entertain, it’s there to win games and it is there to make its legions of fans happy. Ok, I am not expecting to win games all the time but at least our players should be putting on a fight. It’s like our players only care about the big games. Our performances vs Chelsea were good, we got two good results against Liverpool, Tottenham have only lost against us when they played away from home, we put in a good performance against City and should have won the game....but where were we against the ‘small’ teams? You cannot just turn up against the bigger sides.

Something stinks from the upper hierarchy of the club down to the players. This is the result of lack of investment and, as previously stated, lack of planning for life after Fergie. Too much money has been drained to finance the club's debts. Thanks to the Glazers, of course. Too much time has been spent courting players who’d never play for our club. Thanks to Woodward and co. Too much money has been spent on players who wouldn’t come close to starting for Fergie’s 2007/2008 side. Thanks to our scouts. Too much time has been spent playing ugly, boring, useless football. Thanks to Louis van Gaal and co. Too many points have been lost because there is no fight in the team. Thanks to our players. Things are wrong on all levels and something needs to be done before it’s too late....if it’s not too late already.

The Glazers have to realise that we’re a football club. Yes, they’re business men, they probably don’t give a rat’s ass about the supporters as long as sponsors keep lining up to get their name close to the Manchester United brand. They will probably sell the club for a huge huge huge profit eventually; I don’t believe for one bit that they care about the football and where our club is heading. They probably believe that Manchester United is too big to fail. Well, wakey wakey Glazers, we are failing. Financially we’re sound, and that’s all you care about, but playing in the Europa League and being outside the top four is a failure. It is a football failure, if you know what that is.

As for the coaching, too boring, too negative. Just go out and attack the opposition. We’ve got players who can do that. Top 4, for me, is dead and gone. LVG will be gone by the end of the season. So just let our players play some nice, attractive, football and treat us fans with some football that could please our eyes. We’re tired of watching a good game and then five shit performances follow. We’ve shown we can play some good football but there’s absolutely no consistency. LVG's excuses are also ridiculous now. Time for a big change.

Can’t wait to wake up from this terrible terrible nightmare.


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